Wow, two weeks in a row! I am starting to feel overworked! But that’s OK. No burden is too great to bear for my fans, uh, I mean our readers! So, we have another question this week – and without further ado – let’s get to it.
Dear MAC,
Are there any plans to install the sensing system on the stoplights on Wabash Avenue? Since this is one of the major traffic routes through the city, traffic would flow much easier. I come down Wabash twice a day and invariably I have to stop at least twice and there is no cross traffic.
Jerry Turner

Scott Hesler is the street commissioner with the city of Crawfordsville and seemed the perfect person to turn to for this answer. So MAC sent Jerry’s question to Scott and got this in reply:
Yes they should be reinstalled within the next two weeks.
That’s what I like – straight, concise and direct! Good answer, Scott – and good for the street department for getting that work done. While street work can be a pain in the keester for those of us driving, it eventually makes drives smoother and better. That’s certainly been the case around Crawfordsville the last few months as road construction has turned into smooth sailing. Thanks to all the men and women who have made that happen! One last note. Jerry sent his note in on Aug. 24 so the work very well may be done by now.

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