Got a question for MAC, the Montgomery Answer Connection? E-mail it to Got a question? MAC will get the answer!
Got a question for MAC, the Montgomery Answer Connection? E-mail it to Got a question? MAC will get the answer!
It’s been a little quiet around here lately. When the governor told us all to go home and stay there, MAC wasn’t sure if the floodgates would open because people have time on their hands, or if no one would think of questions because things are out of sight, out of mind. It’s been more of the latter, but MAC thanks Bill from Crawfordsville for sending the following question in this week.
Dear MAC,
I do not know if you can help with this question. Why is the Crawfordsville Yard Waste Site closed? A lot of us are doing yard work at Home and need a place to take the refuse. The man in the booth who checks the load stays 6 feet away. There's no one else to be around. So why is it closed?
MAC wasn’t sure which department this fell under, so he turned to the man who has all the answers in the city, Mayor Todd Barton. Rather than shuffle it off on someone else, Mayor Barton graciously took time out of his busy schedule to provide us all with the answer.
The yard waste site is closed because we are under a Stay At Home Order from the Governor. Social distancing should be utilized when it is absolutely necessary to venture out for essential reasons but does not mean it’s acceptable to still go about non-essential activities.
The yard waste site is not essential. We encourage people to get outside and gather their yard waste items but hold off on traveling to take them elsewhere until the order has been lifted.
We will revisit the issue when Governor Holcomb lifts the Stay At Home order, but for now it means exactly that, stay at home except for obtaining essential supplies or performing essential work.
We must take this seriously and remember that stay at home means precisely that, stay at home.
Todd Barton
MAC appreciates Mayor Barton for a quick and helpful answer.
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