Hey everyone! MAC has been socially distancing from the world, but when duty calls (and it won’t go away despite me repeatedly ignoring it), MAC snaps right to attention!
So I’m back and happy to answer your questions. The one this week came from a local person who wished to remain anonymous.
Dear MAC,
Do you ever write about the questions on our election ballots? I looked up each Judge that is asked about Judicial Retention and I found it interesting who appointed each one. I have never looked up the questions before voting previously. On ballotpedia.org I found it interesting that three were appointed by Frank O'Bannon and one by Mitch Daniels and the Indiana Supreme Court Justice was appointed by Eric Holcomb.?Do you know what the rules are for Judges running for office? I don't see political advertising for judges. Have we always voted for Judge Retention? If not, when did it start?

Whenever it comes to elections, voting or anything related, MAC always turns to the woman in the know, Karyn Douglas. Karyn then turned to the state for the complete answer – but that’s why she’s the woman in the know. Here’s what Karyn reported.
“Here is the answer that I got from the Indiana election division,” Karyn wrote. “The guide should be on their site at www.in.gov/sos/elections.”
And then the representative from the Indiana Election Division wrote the following:
For information on judicial candidate qualifications, please (go) to page 63 of the candidate guide. Here is a link https://www.in.gov/sos/elections/files/

As far as the history of when we started judicial retentions, I would suggest calling a historian.
OK, so MAC went to page 63 and saw that the answer took up pages 63 to page 70. It would be impossible to copy all eight pages (and the editors of this paper would come looking for me!), but the short answer about campaigning involves a few things, including financial disclosures and party affiliation. And perhaps here’s the overriding factor:
The Indiana Code of Judicial Conduct imposes ethical obligations upon candidates for judicial office (circuit court judge, superior court judge, probate court judge, small claims judge, city court judge, and town judge). The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications, among other things, advises judicial candidates about their ethical obligations. The following is contact information for the Commission: Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications
251 N. Illinois Street, Ste. 1600
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Adrienne Meiring, Counsel
As for who is running on the local level, there are three – Republican Daniel Petrie and Independent Chris Redmaster are both running for Superior Court Judge II while Heather Barajas is running unopposed for re-election in Superior Court I.
So there we go – a quick and somewhat abbreviated answer. As for the history, even MAC struck out there. In the meantime, I hope this at least shines some light on the process.
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