MAC actually got several e-mails (all unsigned, tsk-tsk) that asked about an incident involving county councilman Mark Davidson. Here’s the best and most complete of the e-mails.
Dear MAC,
Word is that County Council Mark Davidson was arrested at Nucor. Is that true and if it is, what he arrested for and does he have to quit the Council?
MAC reached out to the Sheriff’s Department and found that no arrest had taken place involving the MCSD. MAC also reached out to the Department of Natural Resources and they confirmed that there was an incident but asked MAC to fill out a public records request form – which we did. The good folks at the state of Indiana said MAC would hear back . . . at some point. So far, MAC hasn’t.
What MAC has learned (other than bureaucracy is slow) is that there was indeed an incident, however, it did not result in an arrest. So MAC contacted Mark Davidson and here’s what he said:
I was not arrested, although I did make a really bad decision early Sunday morning while pursuing a deer that I had shot the previous evening on my hunting property. I was entirely in the wrong to pursue beyond property lines without current or written permission. A calamity of errors on my part just went from bad to worse starting with a bad shot and ending with a meeting with the Conservation Officer. I admittedly made several bad decisions but was not and never have been arrested in my life. Although I could still face charges for trespassing, I hope to work it out with all involved.
MAC appreciates Councilman Davidson’s explanation and has no reason to doubt a single word of it. Should the state ever get back with MAC and offers anything different, MAC will let you know.
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