Wow, months of quiet through a pandemic and then two weeks in a row (with a third week coming next week, thanks to Norma Poe’s question). I’m getting ready to ask for overtime pay!
Our question this week comes from Mr. Ed Ebaugh. First off Mr. Ebaugh, thanks for signing your name! MAC loves it when people do that instead of choosing to be anonymous.
Hey, enough of my blabbering. Let’s get straightaway to Mr. Ebaugh’s question.

Dear MAC,
Montgomery County is a member of the West Central Solid Waste District which has recycle bins located in New Ross and other locations in the county. If I remember correctly, the County Commissioners have decided to remove the county from the waste district. We are now hearing the recycle bins are being removed from New Ross? What are the future plans for recycle bins in New Ross and other county locations??Ed Ebaugh??MAC went to our new – well, fairly new – Montgomery County Administrator Tom Klein to find out what the scoop is on those recycle bins. Here’s what Mr. Klein said:

“The drop off sites that are currently operated by the West Central Solid Waste District in our County are planned to remain open in 2021. Future decisions regarding recycling operations will be decided by the new Board that will become effective in 2021. They will develop a Plan for the District that will guide recycling and other solid waste services in the County. If anyone has questions about the new District, they can contact me via email or phone at 362-6514.

Hope that answers your question, Mr. Ebaugh. And thanks to Mr. Klein for the good response.
Next week, we’ll see if we can’t get Ms. Norma Poe’s question about a big, old hornet’s nest answered. And in the meantime, how about you? Got a burning question you need answered? Let Ask MAC know because MAC gets answers!

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