The Paper photo by Lori Poteet
Kelsey Sabens won the high jump.
The Paper photo by Lori Poteet Kelsey Sabens won the high jump.
Track athletes hit the ground running with the indoor Little Giant Charger Qualifier. The athletes are competing for spots in the 2017 Hoosier State Relays on March 25 at Gladstein Fieldhouse on the Indiana University Campus.
The top 24 track, long jump and shot and top 18 high jump and pole vault in each division, who declare entry by 6 p.m. March 21, will be eligible to compete. The classes are broken into large school and small school based on football classes.
Southmont saw its first action of the season and had a pair of distance winners. Brooks Long demolished the field in the 3200-meter run with a time of 9:44.66 – more than a minute faster than the next competitor. Kelsey Dugger won the same event on the girls’ side in a time of 12:49.42.
“It’s a chance to get the kids out and get some times on them. At this point we’re all just trying to get times on them and see what they can do,” Southmont head coach Desson Hannum said. “Our distance is pretty good. We’ve been consistently good in vault and some of our field events. I think we’ll stay consistently strong in those areas.”
North Montgomery had a pair of girls tie for first in the shot put. Senior Taylor Jenkins and sophomore Maddison Altman each tossed the shot 31 feet even. Kelsey Sabens took first in the high jump with a leap of 4-10.
“It’s always good to get out and compete and see your kids are going to compete,” North Montgomery head coach Josh Thompson said. “We always try to rely on our depth as much as we can. We have quite a bit of depth on our boys. Not quite as deep on the girls’ team as we’d like, but we have some good athletes on the girls so we’ll try to play that to our strengths.”
Crawfordsville’s highlight came in the distance medley relay. They won that event in a time of 14:22.32. They edged Brownsburg by less than three seconds.
“Just to see where they’re at and put kids in different events. The ultimate goal is to try and qualify for the HSR finals,” Crawfordsville head coach Sean Gerold said. “I think our guys and girls distance will be a strength. Our whole team has been working hard.”
The teams will be right back at it when all three head back to the Wabash College field house Friday for the Sagamore Athletic Conference indoor meet. That meet is another qualifier for the Hoosier State Relays.

60m: Ryan Solomon (WB) 7.24, Tajeem Muhammad (GWS) 7.41, ShaiTrevon SumpterBey (B) 7.44, Dereon Minter (GWS) 7.46, Jermaine McFadden (T) 7.46, Tyler Mitchell (T) 7.49, Jackson Albrecht (CV) 7.62, Tanner Arnell (TW) 7.64, Sean Edwards (B) 7.78, D’yonta Bounds (CV) 7.81, Kyle Hysong (WB) 7.86, Cade Clouser (NM) 7.90, Caleb Pilecki (FC) 7.90, Lawson Helwig (TW) 7.94, Luke Gulley (FC) 7.99, Tanner Fairfield (S) 8.0, Andrew Martin (A) 8.25, Trinity Brickler (A) 8.32, Hunter Chadwick (S) 8.84
3200m: Brooks Long (S) 9:44.66, Bryson Giley (TW) 10:56.42, Zach McKinney (CV) 11:24.24, Noah Gossett (B) 11:33.02, Hayes Morrison (B) 11:42.27, Thomas Richardson (S) 11:56.28, Drake Hayes (CV) 12:01.22, Kyle Mellady (FC) 12:01.22, Colin Cripplin (NM) 12:18.93, Caden Baird (WB) 12:28.29, Benton Foxworthy (WB) 13:10.57, Andrew Long (NM) 13:54.54, Jackson Briles (A) 14:19.14, Avery Miller (A) 14:21.50
60m hurdles: Tyrone Griffin (B) 9.45, Klayton Porter (GWS) 9.54, Ian Faulkner (GWS) 9.61, Broderick Snyder (CV) 9.86, Noah Mclendon (WB) 9.95, Christian Roberts (B) 10.07, Noble Duke (T) 10.12, Anthony Cook (CV) 10.16, Brycen Hernandez (FC) 10.80, Justyn Velaquez (WB) 10.69, Taran Richardson (T) 10.72, Trinidad Hernandez (FC) 10.80
4x200m relay: Tindley 1:39.33, Gary West Side 1:39.64, North Montgomery 1:39.76, Western Boone 1:41.53, Fountain Central 1:43.08, Tri-West 1:44.05, Southmont 1:52.69, Crawfordsville DQ, Brownsburg DQ
4x400m relay: Brownsburg 3:47.66, Gary West Side 3:51.48, Western Boone 3:53.19, Tindley 3:56.84, Fountain Central 3:59.30, Southmont 4:07.63, Tri-West 4:07.84, North Montgomery DQ
4x800m relay: Fountain Central 8:34.40, Southmont 8:40.49, Western Boone 9:25.95, Western Boone 9:25.95, Crawfordsville 9:40.24, North Montgomery 9:41.29, Gary West Side 9:42.26, Brownsburg 10:30.44
Distance Medley Relay: Western Boone 11:54.53, North Montgomery 12:01.83, Crawfordsville 12:02.41, Brownsburg 12:19.36, Gary West Side 14:07.62, Southmont DQ
High Jump: Logan Benson (WB) 6-1, Damon Biddle (NM) 6-0, Tiyriaun Smith (B) 5-8, Sam Sorgius (TW) 5-6, Jacob Ramer (CV) 5-4, Luke Covault (S) 5-0, Dezmon Hampton (B)
Pole Vault: Solo Huckstep (WB) 12-6, Nick McManus (S) 10-0, Jeffrey Miller (NM) 9-0, Noah McClerkin (NM) 8-0
Long Jump: Leigh Nutall (B) 19-2.25, Kyle Hysong (WB) 18-11.5, Grant Lowe (B) 18-5.5, Ben Lovold (NM) 17-9, Noah Mclendon (WB) 17-2, Bradyn Barker (CV) 16-10.5, Paul Salter (CV) 15-3.5, Noble Duke (T) 12-10, Taran Richardson (T) 11-6
Shot Put: Timothy Kuykendall (GWS) 42-8, Alan yip (B) 39-11.5, Jonah Marsh (WB) 39-0.5, Elijah Sparks (S) 38-9, Conner Cain (NM) 38-2, Chris Baer (CV) 37-9.5, Justyn Velazquez (WB) 37-0, Will Harvey (CV) 36-7, Zion Essex (S) 35-8, Zackery Travelstead (B) 35-8, Josh Cochran (NM) 35-4, Jaden Hill (TW) 33-8.5, Javier Gaddy (T) 32-7, Desmond Robinson (T) 30-6.5, Connor Howard (A) 30-1, Alex Cloud (FC) 28-3.

60m: Antonis Christian (GWS) 7.88, Skylar Jobe (TW) 8.06, Kendall Humphreys (NM) 8.61, Mylicia Wilson (T) 8.65, Kaylee McCandless (CV) 8.72, Nakyvea Phillips (GWS) 8.78, Ariadna Eufrasion (CV) 8.92, Diamond Gardner (T) 8.94, Desiree Lang (B) 9.04, Elly Frecker (TW) 9.07, Emily Britton (B) 9.07, Lilly Ward (S) 9.11, Tori Wilkinson (WB) 9.21, Sammi Karle (NM) 9.21, Elizabeth Link (S) 9.23
3200m: Kelsey Dugger (S) 12:49.42, Anna Bohbrink (TW) 13:29.07, Reagan Minnette (CV) 13:40.73, Jenna Mahin (WB) 13:43.31, Hannah Tippets (B) 13:56.20, Olivia Zoog (B) 13:57.54, Lydia Clark (A) 14:03.37, Nadya Rahm (FC) 14:50.09, Krisha Griffith (WB) 15:37.44
60m hurdles: Payton Waling (TW) 9.96, Michaela Parks (GWS) 10.05, Macy Zachary (S) 10.63, Aminiatou Bah (B) 10.67, Shannon Isenberg (S) 10.79, Khloe Surface (NM) 11.08, Camryn Swinford (CV) 11.16, Megan Butts (FC) 11.33, Aniffa Kouton (B) 11.42, Desiree Lansford (GWS) 12.01, Citlali Luna (CV) 12.02, Paytin Krout (FC) 12.24, Jaliaya Molett (T) 12.34, Brooklyn Waterman (A) 17.55
4x200m relay: Gary West Side 1:53.67, Tri-West 1:57.75, Tindley 1:58.94, North Montgomery 1:59.66, Southmont 2:03.93, Brownsburg 2:04.66, Crawfordsville DQ
4x400m relay: Gary West Side 4:27.04, North Montgomery 4:30.32, Western Boone 4:45.13, Southmont 4:47.88, Fountain Central 4:49.83, Brownsburg 4:58.44, Tri-West 5:01.46
4x800m relay: Western Boone 11:40.23, Brownsburg 12:49.96, Gary West Side 12:54.58, Crawfordsville DNF
Distance Medley Relay: Crawfordsville 14:22.32, Brownsburg 14:25.11, North Montgomery 14:33.63, Gary West Side 16:33.89, Western Boone 17:22.69, Attica 18:17.76
High Jump: Kelsey Sabens (NM) 4-10, Lauren Clark (TW) 4-9, Jada Dixon (GWS) 4-8, Khloe Surface (NM) 4-6, Jasmyn Hardy (GWS) 4-2, Alexis Nelson (S) 4-2, Zoe Walbert (CV) 4-2, Campbell Adelsperger (B) 4-0
Pole Vault: Grace Huckstep (WB) 9-0, Aria Warren (NM) 7-6, Ali Ray (B) 7-0, Sydney Elueteri (NM) 7-0
Long Jump: Skylar Jobe (TW) 15-10.5, Kaylee McCandless (CV) 14-11.75, Katelyn McClerkin (NM) 14-11, Jocelyn Williams (T) 14-5.25, Macy Zachary (S) 14-0.25, LaRoyal Jones (GWS) 13-11, Khloe Surface (NM) 13-8, Jada Dixon (GWS) 13-4, Aniffa Kouton (B) 13-3.25, Maddie Hudson (CV) 11-2.5, Ariana Brown (B) 10-6.75
Shot Put: Taylor Jenkins (NM) 31-0, Maddison Altman (NM) 31-0, Katherine Weldy (B) 29-11.5, Brooke Cummins (WB) 28-6, Madison Land (TW) 28-2.75, Macy Zachary (S) 27-10, Lamia Young (GWS) 27-8, Melia Tomlinson (CV) 27-8, Katie Potter (WB) 26-10, Sarah Redenbaugh (S) 25-6.75, Mackenzie Yoder (B) 24-11.25, Tiera Howleit (T) 23-4.25, Brashandra Douglas (GWS) 23-1.75, Jasmine Montero Spillis (CV) 22-10, Lily Fritzen (FC) 22-8, Ciera Howlett (T) 18-9.75, Emily Watkins (A) 16-5.5