NEW MARKET – With the fall sports season now coming to a close, the Southmont Mounties can say that they dominated most of the season. The Mounties captured four sectional titles in girls soccer (third straight), girls golf (first in school history), volleyball (first since 1993), and in boys tennis (first since 1991). There looks to be something special happening with the Mounties athletic department and Athletic Director Aaron Charles talked about what winning those four sectional trophies says about the level of dedication of the athletes.

“I just think it says a lot about kids and the work that they put in,” Charles said. “When you’re around here during the summer, you’ll see them working out and it’s not just with their individual sport, it’s with all the sports that they may be playing. Most of these players now go on to play in the winter, whether that be basketball, or swimming. Their hard work is now starting to show, they’ve put a lot of time in.” 

For the girls’ sports to win three of the four titles, Charles talked about how they set a goal for themselves to win multiple sectional titles.

“We’ve been really close in most of those girls’ sports in recent years,” Charles said. “Volleyball fell just short last season and to see them finally be able to get there and get that trophy says wonders about the coaches and players on all of our teams. It says a lot about the girls in general that they wanted to win multiple sectionals in one season.” 

The Mounties are well on their way to matching or even breaking the school record of five sectional titles in a calendar sports season. The four titles was the most ever in a single sports season for the Mounties. Charles talks about what the success can do not only for the athletic department, but the entire Southmont community. 

“I think it sets a good tone for the entire school,” Charles said. “We’ve always been strong academically here and we’ve always an excellent arts department as well, so ever since I’ve gotten here in 2012 we’ve tried to match that in our athletics. A lot of our kids that are involved in our sports are also strong in academics. Having that good balance creates a good culture at your school and when you’re having that success, it creates a great atmosphere to where people want to come out and see what we have going on.” 

When a team starts to win, that can start to trickle down to the middle school level where some kids who participate in junior high athletics see that success and want to be a part of that winning atmosphere. Charles talks about how that can benefit the future athletes that will be members of the athletic program. 

“It’s a really neat thing to see some of the younger kids taking pictures with the older athletes down on the field after the games,” Charles said. “That’s important because you want them to turn around and say ‘we want that to happen to us’. We’ve made some great strides in this season and everyone puts in a lot of time from the parents, to the coaches, and of course the kids do as well. I saw this season that these teams were getting behind one another and supporting each other at their games. Everyone was on that same page. If you’re going to have success, everyone does have to be on the same page and I’m glad to see that in those four sports that had success.” 

If you really dive deep and look at each of the four teams that won a sectional title this season, you’ll see a unique storyline with each one of them. The girls’ soccer team had a first-year head coach in Phil Keller and the team didn’t miss a beat as they claimed their third straight sectional title. The boy’s tennis team had Freshman Adam Cox playing No. 1 Singles as the Mounties had a great blend of youth and experienced players. The girls’ golf team was led by six seniors who were finally able to get over the road block and win a sectional title. Then lastly the girls’ volleyball team had a great balance of experience and youth and they were able to play their best when they needed to the most. Charles talks about how each of the teams were able to be sectional champions. 

“With girls’ soccer, I think they had that expectation of winning,” Charles said. “It’s become that group of now they are starting to think about how they can win a regional title and not just be satisfied with a sectional championship. The volleyball team started out strong, then had that bump in the middle. What was great about them was that they were able to get re-focused and play their best at the end of the year. The golf girls were basically all seniors that after conference (team missed winning by one stroke) buckled down and got after it at sectionals. The tennis group had a great balance of youth and experience as well. I think this is something that we should be very proud of how we started our school year athletically and we’re excited that the culture we created. “