Think back to when you were around ten years old. What were you doing? It probably wasn’t competing multiple times a week at BMX tournaments. For ten year-old Tommy Varney, that is exactly what he is doing. He has earned the nickname “The Flash” from his friends and peers.

Varney has been riding dirt bikes ever since he was 5-6 years old. Then this past year in January is when he made the switch to BMX after one his coaches suggested it at a competition he attended. That decision has paid off in a big way for him as his dad David Varney describes.

“In his first official race in March he placed third,” said David. “He has raced in 20 career races and has made it on to the podium (top three) in 18 of those 20 races. Some of his coaches have called him the most natural BMX rider they’ve ever seen. He’s just a natural talent.”

Tommy got started in the BMX world when he attended a five week camp which introduced him to the sport. From then on he was hooked and ready to race.

“He is always outside on his bike practicing,” said David. “There will be times where I have to make him come inside and play his video games.”

For most kids, it’s the opposite way around.

And of course at age ten, he already is being sponsored by companies like Go-Pro, Skull Candy and Skaggs (here in Crawfordsville).

Tommy usually competes up in Portage, IN every weekend and sometimes will go to Indianapolis to compete. He recently went down to compete at a national competition in Tennessee with riders from all across the country. Tommy placed third in that event. And to add more fame to his name Tommy is currently ranked second in the state of Indiana in his Novice Intermediate class.

Tommy isn’t too shy about letting people know how good he is either.

“I know I was going to be good at it when I started,” Tommy said. “I’m real confident in myself and I’ve had a lot of fun so far.”

His ultimate goal in the sport is to represent Team USA and bring home a gold medal.

“The sport has been so great for him,” said David. “I coached him for three years playing baseball and he was just getting tired of playing team sports. He loves BMX because he can see his personal growth and how he is getting better as an individual. It’s just been an amazing ride so far, and I can’t wait to see where the sport take him.”

Tommy will be going into the fifth grade come the fall. He will be attending Sommer Elementary in the North Montgomery School Corporation. Unfortunately for Tommy, North Montgomery has yet to add BMX as a school sport.