My kids often wonder how my wife and I survived when we were younger. We didn’t have a cell phone, although I was cool and had a bag phone in college, that would connect to the internet with the push of a button. We had to use a pay phone and call collect for our parents to know when to pick us up, and we actually rode in cars with no seat belts and actually slept in the back window, or maybe that was just me?
When we were younger, who knew about the internet, that is until Al Gore invented it...he did right? We used the dewey decimal system and Encyclopedia Brittanica, do they print that anymore? Our entertainment included watching Cowboy Bob and Janie and sometimes on a Saturday night, when you were brave, Sammy Terry might end up on the television.
Another thing that we didn’t have back in the day was class basketball. That’s right, small Elwood, which was the same size as Crawfordsville, North and South back in the last ‘80’s and early ‘90’s when I attended, had to make the trip to Marion and Anderson to go up against the goliaths. I’ve covered that before, so I’ll spare you.
However, class sports back in the day may have been a good thing. We had some really good basketball teams when I was in junior high that could never advance through the state tournament because of the vaunted Marion Giants.
Plus, we weren’t a bad baseball team, but never made it out of sectional because of the Madison Heights Pirates, who had two former major leaguers on their roster my sophomore and junior season.
I know, I know, if we had class basketball, we wouldn’t have the Milan Indians and Bobby Plump. Looking back through their state tournament run, two of the three largest schools they beat were Versailles, in Sectional, and Rushville, in Regional. Before they knocked off the mighty Bearcats of Muncie Central in a scene from what movies are made of.
Which brings me to Saturday. Crawfordsville, North Montgomery and Southmont will all get the opportunity to play in the gym that was home to the Hickory Huskers, from the movie Hoosiers, Hoosier Gym in Knightstown. The Chargers will face Attica at 1:30, Crawfordsville will face Turkey Run at 3:30, and the Mounties will face Harrison in the nightcap, for the County, at 5:30. I hope you have your tickets, I know I’m looking forward to it.
Speaking of Sectional, tonight are the girls last games before they open up Sectional play next week.
The Chargers will open up Sectional 25 against Frankfort, who they defeated back on December 2, 50-43. The Athenians play Wednesday in game one against Lebanon, who defeated them 75-30 on the same night.
The Mounties will look to avenge a 1-point loss from November 21, when they battle South Putnam at Cascade in game two Tuesday night.
Good luck to all area teams this weekend, it’s going to be a busy one for Neil Burk and the sports guys. Nothing would make us more happy than to cover six victories in tomorrow’s paper and three more Monday.