The Christmas season at the Smith household “officially” starts the Friday after Thanksgiving with cutting down our tree! However, just like any kid who has a package under the tree, their curiosity gets them, and they sometimes shake it to see if they can tell what’s inside. That’s my spouse and boys whenever Christmas music pops up on their favorite music streaming service, they just can’t help but listen to it early!
That’s also usually the time the Elf on a Shelf, or as we call him “Buddy”, if you’ve ever seen the movie “Elf”, you know where that derives from, makes his first appearance. You see, as your kids get older, Buddy loses his magic and luster and then he almost just becomes another Christmas ornament. He’s currently hanging from a light tree near the front door and needs to be saved from his sure fall to become a dog toy!
As I contemplate Buddy’s next move, the age of my kids, and the magic lost, Buddy reminds me of the 2016 Indianapolis Colts! In my opinion they need to get younger. In 2015, they were the “oldest” team in the NFL with an average age of just over 27, a whole quarter year older than the next oldest Carolina Panthers and a year-and-a-half older than the Green Bay Packers. I know Adam Vinatieri doesn’t help that number, but we need to quit signing as many veterans that just don’t pan out here.
They’re also a team that seems to have lost their magic. After their demolition of the hapless New York Jets in Week 13, 41-10, they had their playoff destiny in their own hands and laid an egg against the Houston Texans last week.
I’m not sure who called the play action pass on fourth and one with under two to play, but they need to know that Andrew Luck hangs on to the ball too long and takes too many sacks, see the third & goal sack, and fumble that eventually won the game for the Texans, and still tries to squeeze the ball into areas that not even Jeff George would try to throw them into!
I saw an article online this morning that highlighted the top potential head coaching vacancies in the NFL for next season, and the Colts were one of the top on that list. If Pagano does get fired, and I see no way he won’t unless the Texans and Titans have a complete breakdown and the Colts sneak into the playoffs, and I’m a head coach interviewing for the job, I think you have to push for Ryan Grigson to go too! I heard Bill Polian’s looking to get back into the League, I hope Jim Irsay follows up on that one!
So, as I contemplate Buddy’s next move, I’ll do so knowing that this may be his final year until one day there’s little feet running through our house again, of course referring to grandkids. I’ll also watch the last three games of the Colts season hoping an end to the current General Manager and coaching staff, and that the next leadership works on making them younger, so they can stay healthier and start winning again. Peyton Manning spoiled me, and we haven’t been the same since.