Tired of working for less money than you think you’re worth?
Then march in to the boss’ office and demand at least, at the very least, a 10 percent raise.
Tell them that you are not going to be taken advantage of anymore.
Tell them that you are better than most of the clowns you work with.
Tell them that you have paid your dues and it’s time for you to be paid back.
Most importantly, remember that it’s you against “them.”
You know “them.” They are the people who make your job harder, your life miserable. “Them” are the problem . . .
OK, now re-read the headline and look at the first letter of each word. Because if you really want a raise, only an April Fool would go about trying to get it this way.
There are way too many times that all of us feel like it’s us against the world. Maybe in a few isolated cases it is, but I think most of the time an awful lot of us have support systems in place that we don’t even think about.
For example, if you think you are underpaid, rather than complain about it, try looking at it differently. Obviously your employer has invested money and time in you. From the employer’s perspective, what would make you more valuable? Do you bring in revenue? Do you produce a product, an outcome, a service? Whatever it is that you do (unless you’re part of a union contract or are on a absolutely inflexible pay scale), find a way to make your company more money and propose a fair and workable plan to share in the reward.
Do you feel like you work for the wrong people? Don’t complain about it. That really won’t accomplish anything positive. In fact, it could well solve the problem for you in a way you might not be happy with. If your job is not a good fit, either find a way to make it a good fit for both you and the employer, or find a new one.
Too many times we make ourselves out to be victims of employers. I’m willing to bet that that’s not at all what the employer wants. And I’m willing to bet that’s not what you’re looking for either. There are usually ways to find win-win solutions. If not, you are still the person who controls your destiny way more than anyone else.
At the end of the day, we are only victims if we allow ourselves to be.

Next week: More to come

Business Playbook is written by Tim Timmons. Timmons’ book, Coaching Success: Creating Champions for the Business World is available at www.tim-timmons.com.