It doesn’t matter if you have a red Make America Great Again hat, or a poster of AOC on your bedroom wall, the wild and wooly world of politics and all that goes with it – including political correctness – gets left at the door when it comes to work. Oh no, you say! There are plenty of politics at work.
Agreed. Someone has their nose stuck . . . somewhere on the boss and somebody else is aiming for the corner office by sinking their nails into some poor schmuck’s back. Unfortunately, politics have been a part of work since Adam complained to his supervisor about who was hanging around the tree of good and evil. But it does not have to be that way. People are promoted every day who do not play politics at work. People rise above the pettiness all the time, choosing to do the right thing instead of choosing to slither lower into mud. So here, especially for those just getting
started are three rules to keep you safely out of the political arena in the office where the only outcome is lose-lose.

1. Stay above the fray
You may think the boss is an idiot, but chances are they see more than you think.
Rather than respond when Tommy Two-Face stabs you in the back, do the job a little better. There’s never going to be a guarantee that Tommy gets exposed, but that’s OK. Success at work should never be about revenge. Success at work should always be about three positive outcomes: The client’s, the company’s and yours. It’s kind of the same reason you never wrestle a pig. First, you get filthy. Second, the pig likes it. 2. Borrow JFK’s strategy During the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis the world was staring at nuclear Armageddon. A break seemed to come when Russian
leader Nikita Khrushchev sent a letter that opened the door for a good outcome. However, not long after, President John F. Kennedy
and his cabinet got a second letter that was much sterner and hard line. How did they handle it? They ignored the second letter and
worked with the first. If a situation presents itself where different options are on the table, some better than others, go with the best and
leave the rest alone. 3. Have the right answers or attitude If you can come up with the right answer or right strategy in whatever the situation is,
there you go. It’s the quickest and best answer there is. However, if that’s the case then you don’t need all this advice. Chances are that
most of the time, answers are elusive. When that happens, be the one with the right attitude. That might mean being the one rolling up the sleeves, ready to dive in. Or it might mean being the one who isn’t pointing the fickle finger of blame at others. Whatever it means at your place of employment, be that person. Let me repeat something from above. Chances are someone somewhere above you is paying attention. If so, avoiding the pettiness
of office politics will indeed pay off. If no one above you is paying attention, then you’re just practicing good habits for when you find that
good job!