Wabash College President Gregory Hess has announced the appointment of Jacob S. Pactor as the Director of the Schroeder Center for Career Development. Pactor, a 2004 graduate of Wabash, will begin his leadership of the Career Center on Jan. 3, 2017.
“Jacob was extremely impressive during the recruitment process,” said Dean for Professional Development Steven Jones. “He effectively communicated and demonstrated the organizational, communication, and relationship-building skills, which are critical to this position. He will be a strong addition to the Career Services Team.”
Pactor earned a certificate in nonprofit management from Indiana University, a master’s degree in English from Butler University, and an MBA from the University of Indianapolis.
“Being Director of Career Services at Wabash is an amazing opportunity to support 900 students continue to discover who they are and how their passions can lead to fulfilling careers,” Pactor said. “We're going to make the argument that being a scholar of the liberal arts and an engaged citizen is the unique professionalism we bring to our communities and our lives — that who we are inspires what we do, and what we do becomes who we are.”