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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Question of the Week

The county commissioners created a stir when they brought up planning (and zoning) at their meeting last week. What's your take on planning and zoning?


Great Day for Girl Scouts!
More than 50 local Girl Scouts attended the recent Montgomery County Girl Scout World Thinking Day. The annual event took place at First United Methodist Church in Crawfordsville. The focus of the event was for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all around the world to think of each other and give thanks and appreciation to their “sister” Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. The day began with songs and ceremonies, followed by an international bazaar of booths. Troops took part in booths representing Japan, Hong Kong, Greece, Madagascar, India and Switzerland. By visiting the booths, girls learned about different countries while sampling food, games and crafts. Founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low, Girl Scouts' membership has grown from 18 members in Savannah, Ga., to 3.7 million members throughout the United States. More than 44,000 girls in 45 counties participate through the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana Council.
  • Austin Earns Top Honors at Indianapolis Awards Program
    Tuesday, November 21, 2017 4:00 AM
    If you are a fuel customer of Ceres Solutions Cooperative or a resident of Montgomery or Fountain County, there’s a good chance you recognize the name Gary Austin, who’s served the area for nearly 40 years. Austin was named the system’s Top Petroleum Sales Representative of the Year by regional refiner CountryMark Cooperative. The announcement was made at the Annual Banquet on Saturday, Nov. 18. Gary and his wife, Vicky, were in attendance at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in Indianapolis. Hundreds of Gary’s co-workers and peers celebrated his success after a video tribute congratulated Gary for his dedication to the fuel business and to his local customers. Gary had been secretly nominated for consideration by his manager, Patty Denman.
    “Gary takes the time to engage people and focus on their needs. He shows genuine interest in how they are doing. He is a steady, easy going and takes the initiative to find solutions to customer issues,” said his manager Denman. “His customers trust him. He gets a tremendous amount of work done every day, and is not concerned much about who gets the credit. This selfless attitude makes him a pleasure to work with. He is helpful, positive, and someone I turn to for advice.”
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  • Wednesday, November 8, 2017 4:00 AM
    Excitement was quickly stirred to start the week around Crawfordsville when a joke turned into a rumor and drew a buzz about Starbucks potentially coming to Crawfordsville. Things started when someone overheard a joke about Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton being “the man who brought Starbucks to Crawfordsville.” Word quickly spread on social media and by Tuesday morning rumors were being touted as fact. 
    Barton offered some clarity to a still murky situation about the popular coffee franchise. He said that there has been some contact, but nothing definite.
    “Starbucks have filed for permits. Those permits have been not yet been approved. They have made no announcement or told us they have any plans of opening in Crawfordsville,” Barton said. He added that it’s not unusual for companies to file for permits and never end up going to that town. He also said he’d heard talks off the old Dairy Queen property near South Boulevard, but nothing is officially in the works. He said the permitting phase was in the very beginning stages of a move to Crawfordsville. 
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  • Wednesday, November 1, 2017 4:38 PM

    Crawfordsville residents' main electrical supplier, CEL&P, announced today that next year it will be paying 4 percent less for power with its supplier, the Indiana Municipal Power Agency.

    Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power and IMPA released a joint announcement that the wholesale electric rate will decrease for the second year in a row. According to the company, CEL&P customers will have seen wholesale rates decline 10 percent since 2014.

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  • Kiwanis has successful bazaar
    Wednesday, November 1, 2017 4:00 AM
    Crawfordsville Kiwanis held their annual Holiday Bazaar and Car show this past Saturday at the 4-H building. Hundreds of people were surveying and buying the wares and handmade items that were available. We had a great event and would like to thank all our sponsors. We also had some great pies available for sale. Interested in learning more about Kiwanis? You can visit one of their lunch gatherings this month. Speakers are: Nov. 2: Jerry Dreyer - The Great American Eclipse; Nov. 9: Abby Morgan - Youth Development Extension Educator; Nov. 16: Kathy Steele - Trip to Morocco; Nov. 30: Jonathan Alcala Torres - A Wabash College "Dreamer" 
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  • Eclipse party a big hit
    Wednesday, August 23, 2017 4:00 AM
    More than 60 people attended the Solar Eclipse party at the Linden Carnegie Public Libary on Thursday. Retired teacher Jolinda Brunton gave a presentation on how the eclipse happens and gave Facts and Safety Tips for the 2017 Solar Eclipse. April Johnson led the children in a fun eclipse song entitled "Solar System In Motion" and Linda Forbes had a craft for the children to complete. Cosmic Brownies, Star Crunch, Moon Pies, Sun Pies, Starburst and Sunkist was served as refreshments. People from all over Montgomery County and Tippecanoe County attended the party! Pictured is Haddey Rice who is a regular patron of the library. Director Kathie Watkins applied for the grant for 1,000 free certified eclipse glasses from the Science Space Institute and received them for the library.

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  • Respecting torn, tattered flags
    Tuesday, August 22, 2017 4:00 AM
    The When an American flag becomes worn, faded, torn or soiled, it should be retired and replaced with a new flag. There are several ways to respectfully dispose of the American flag without showing disgrace. The most common method is burning the torn or tattered flag in a special ceremony. Local Boy Scout Troop 318 respectfully collected and disposed of 206 weathered, torn and / or tattered American flags in a special ceremony on Saturday. Troop Leader, Justin Duggar initiated the flag drop-off box at the First United Methodist Church as a way for community members to drop off torn, old or worn flags and know they will be disposed of respectfully. 
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  • Thursday, August 17, 2017 2:05 PM
    A fire Wednesday night resulted in one firefighter taken to the hospital, several pets dying and a house destroyed.
    Firefighters from Crawfordsville Fire Department responded to a house fire at 703 Binford St. on the near northeast side of downtown Wednesday night. The call came in at 6:19 p.m. and the fire was under control by 6:52, even though the residence was a total loss.
    CFD Chief Scott Busenbark said the cause of the fire likely stemmed from an electrical issue. He said when firefighters arrived the fire was coming out of the rear of the house. It quickly progressed into the attic.
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  • Helping out four-legged friends
    Thursday, August 17, 2017 4:00 AM
    Rebekah Mason from Russell Family Chiropractic presented a $1,000 check to the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County Wednesday. Mason helped raise funds through a promotion at Russell Family Chiropractic where new patients could sign up for first day services (full exam and X-Rays) for just $20. That $20 was placed into the donation fund. 
    “When she told me what they had done and that they had a check for us I thought it was wonderful. We love it when the community gets involved,” Sillery said. “When she said it was for $1,000 I didn’t know what to say. Then I ran around and told everybody. We were really excited that that amount was coming in.” 
    Mason said that she chose the AWL as the first charity because of her love of animals.
    “We greatly appreciate all the work the animal shelter does for our community. Not all animals find a new forever home, but they all need shelter and food. We hope that our donation will help those that work hard to keep the shelter running and help them to continue to provide for our four legged friends,” said Dr. Larry Russell and Dr. Ryan Russell. 
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  • Creating the hits . . .
    Friday, July 21, 2017 4:00 AM
    John Stevens Jr. was destined to be a musician. Stevens says it began at a very early age. He remembers sitting at his aunt’s feet at family gatherings as they all came together to sing and play music. 
    “My aunts sang beautifully,” he reminisces. “They tell me, while all the other kids would be off playing, I would just set right at their feet taking it in.”
    John Stevens Jr. was born on Nov. 24, 1959 to John and Janet Stevens. He grew up an all-American, Hoosier boy from Lebanon - riding bicycles, playing baseball and football and hanging with his friends. However, during his school days, a knee injury requiring surgery caused him to hang up his cleats. That’s when he set his sights on becoming a musician. 
    Stevens started writing songs when he was 15 years old but was not ready to sing in front of people. During junior high he was asked to sing a solo, Stevens was brought to tears because he was so nervous to sing in front of others. Later, as his confidence grew, Stevens began performing at parties in high school. By his late teens, he was performing regularly. 
    After graduating Lebanon High School in 1978, Stevens spent a couple of years in college. Stevens grins saying, “I studied ‘life skills’ while there.” He laughs, “Girls and parties.”
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  • What does independence mean to you?
    Wednesday, June 28, 2017 4:00 AM
    The Fourth of July is not only a time for fireworks and food, but to celebrate our country and the independence that we have as a country. What does independence really mean though? According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of the word independence is “not subject to control by others.” We asked 10 people here in Montgomery County what independence meant to them and here is what they had to say. 
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  • Great Day for Honor Flight
    Monday, June 26, 2017 4:00 AM
    Whitlock Place was the spot to be Saturday afternoon, as they held a carnival to raise money for the Greater Lafayette Honor Flight program. The event included a dunk tank, a bounce house and a raffle which gave away many prizes. The Honor Flight program sends veterans to Washington D.C. so they can view the memorials of the wars. 
    “It is all about serving the veterans” said Candace Watson who was the one who put the event together. “It costs $500 to send one veteran to Washington D.C., their caregivers aren’t allowed to pay for it either so we are just helping out in every way we can. This wouldn’t be possible without the help of Joe Ellis of the VSO (Veterans Service Officer), Dale Wilson with the American Legion, and Mike Spencer who is the commander of the honor guard. We are obligated to give back to the community, but I wanted to do more than just write a check, I wanted to do something worthwhile for our veterans. We have so many veterans here at Whitlock with us. They deserve to be honored for their services and that is what we are trying to accomplish.”
    This is the second year that the event took place. The goal was to raise $2,500 so five veterans could travel to D.C.
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