Eagles are one of the many attractions that draw members to the Sportsmen’s Club.
Eagles are one of the many attractions that draw members to the Sportsmen’s Club.
One of Montgomery County's oldest hidden treasures is open and booming! The Sportsmen's Club is located at 2508 W. Country Club Rd. Club President, Charlotte Daron is reaching out to the public in hopes of raising donations and boosting membership to preserve the 200 year old property. Daron said one of the Clubs most historic features, the dam, is in jeopardy of being decommissioned by the government. Daron and other members are in hopes that bringing attention to the history behind the unique dam and boosting membership can save the dam.
Daron tells us, “The Club has been here since 1935, but the Pond became a 15 acre Lake on Feb 38. 1954. It was originally called Troutmen's Pond and dates back to 1895 on Montgomery County's Plat Map. We are being forced to remove or replace our dam because of one pole barn that was built to shelter equipment for our Rails for Trails, of which we donated our part, for the community to walk. Residence from Indianapolis use to ride the trains to fish in Troutmen’s Pond (as it was called back then), and the women would continue to Troutmen’s Station to ready the kitchens for those fish. No one has been harmed and never has there been any proof of a breech or leaks but we have been burdened with an unbelievable task to change what has been there for so long. Please help us save her! Even a family of Bald Eagles perches there during their mating season and the most recent of their family earned his/her white feathers two years ago. Nature rules and people simply enjoy their company. Why change what is so healthy?” asked Daron.
She added, “ My nine children, myself and their dad have been able to feel at home and enjoy the serenity of camping, swimming or running the woods. Join us and rebuild what DNR insists needs to change so we can keep everything else on the 35 acre priceless piece of past and history as natural as it was back then. Memberships are available and Donations are 100% deductible since we just got our 501C3 in June of 2016. “ Daron says, “I don't just want it for a private club anymore. I've talked to the board. We want the community to be able to come off of Rails for Trails and work with the local county. . . downtown city. . . and be able to come and have a 'pay' fish day, and get off the rails for trails and come fishing. Our members are the 'Guardians'. We're the guardians to keep nature, nature”, Daron said.
Daron spoke to the beauty of the club and it's wildlife of deer, fox and even two nesting Eagles. “We want the community to be able to pay between certain hours on certain days, between June and July, only on those hours. The members will then have dawn to dusk and have overnights, camp-outs and have other things. And, anybody can rent it. We are also open for rentals.”
The club offers many opportunities for their members. Although the pond has not been stocked in several years, it is full of fish. Everything from catfish, bluegill, crappie and even small mouth bass can be found in the pond. Just last week, a member caught a three pound crappie! Several record breaking fish have been caught right here in Montgomery County. The club has done several fundraisers to raise money. You can check out their events calendar at https:/www.facebook.com/1935crawfordsvillesportsmenslubIN47933/. The club has been raising money with their “Friends of the Fish” flea market and other events. The flea market is held at the Sportsmen's Club clubhouse. Booth rentals are on sale now and available for the public to rent. $10 rental space is available for the dates of May 26 and June 2.
Membership is $75 which includes all 18 year and under members of a household and household dependents who are in extended schooling or college to the age of 21 years. You can pick up your membership application at Beautiful Buds located at 404 E. South Blvd.
You can also donate to the Sportsmen's Club at their Go Fund Me page at https://www.gofundme.com/crawfordsvillesportsmensclubIN47933