Early voting began Wednesday in Montgomery County and the first day was very successful as it saw nearly 250 people come through the Montgomery County Courthouse.
Members of the Montgomery County Board of Elections, Voter Registration Deputy Karyn Douglas and Clerk Jennifer Bentley both offered their insight on why voters should choose to vote early, if they have the opportunity.
“There has been very little wait all day long,” Bentley explained.
“Voters get to choose when they want to vote,” Douglas said. “The best part about voting early is that you have 200-plus hours, if you decide to vote early, versus only 12 hours on election day. It’s much less hectic.”
The voting process only took an average of about a few minutes for each person or so Wednesday because of a smaller number of people who show up at the same times, according to Douglas and Bentley.
If you were unable to get out and vote yesterday, there are still plenty of opportunities to do so.