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Bob Campbell (left) and Mike Chadd squared off at Abilities Services Inc. Sunday for an upcoming video of Empty Nest Adventures.
The Paper photo Bob Campbell (left) and Mike Chadd squared off at Abilities Services Inc. Sunday for an upcoming video of Empty Nest Adventures.
To say Sunday’s first remote venue for Facebook sensation “Empty Nest Adventures” was a success, would be an understatement. The quartet of Bob Campbell and Mike Chadd, the Beards, and Marcy Campbell and Lisa Chadd, the Beauties, recorded a future episode of their viral show at Abilities Services Inc., to kickoff their National Day of Giving campaign which starts Tuesday.
“I thought recording here was awesome,” Lisa said afterwards. “Having the consumers watching and taking part in the taping was just great. It was really fun, and I know the guys enjoyed it as well.”
The idea was first given to Bob through Julie Brown for Find8 Digital, and he was sold right from the start.
“When Julie told us what ASI was all about, we knew right off the bat that this was a cause that we wanted to help,” Bob said. “We didn’t know what we could do, but we wanted to do whatever we could. When I asked Mike, he was all in too.”
“The artwork here is truly amazing,” Mike said. “Everyone is human, and you want to feel part of something and contribute, and to be able to have an outlet like this is awesome. They get to sell their pieces, and earn money from it, which is a win-win for everyone.”
They taped a challenge that had Mike and Bob facing off against one another while the beauties, Marcy and Lisa, attempted to distract the guys. The bi-product of the challenge will be auctioned off during the airing of the show, which is expected to be Dec. 5. The duo also took part in an obstacle course throughout the facility, and the loser, well, he had to drink paper-mache glue.
“Hopefully mentioning ASI will get out to more people and make them aware of the great program they have going on here,” Bob said.
“I hope someone will see the great things they’re doing and ask if there’s something like this in their community,” Mike added. “If not, I hope they can get it started, and that could really snowball.”
The foursome sees their show as family friendly, and they have over 130,000 followers, just since August.
“We had a story where a family with a non-verbal autistic son crawled up on their lap and watched our mouse trap roulette show and started laughing, which was the first time the mom had heard him laugh” the duo said. “If it all ended tomorrow, it was worth it just for that.”
“I’d like to thank ‘Empty Nest Adventures’ for filming their upcoming episode at our facility and showcasing the good things we’re doing with our consumers,” said Michelle Leonard-Smith, Executive Director at ASI. “Their willingness to include our consumers, and allow them to take part in the challenge winner, was great for all of them.”
“We started doing this for fun, and it’s still fun,” Mike said. “If we can touch someone’s life and make them laugh, then I’d say we won.”
Leonard-Smith sees the consumer’s winning every day at her facility. “I’d also like to thank the Montgomery County Community Foundation for their funding,” she said. “Because of their generosity, we are looking to expand our art studio, after just nine months, by hiring a new artist.”
To participate in Tuesday’s Day of Giving, you can do so on ASI’s Facebook page by searching ASI-Abilities Services Inc.
Find “Empty Nest Adventures” on Facebook and tune in Dec. 5 to see the live taping of the show in Crawfordsville. You may notice the beards are a little more sparkly than usual.