Crawfordsville Rotarian Ron Hess is again asking the caring citizens of Montgomery County to help a small town in Haiti in need in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.
The town of Carrefour Sanon is the same town of 5,000 to 6,000 people that Hess, along with other members of the Rotary Club and churches in our area helped last year by drilling seven wells to provide a fresh water source. That community was devastated by Hurricane Matthew. Roofs were ripped from homes and schools, gardens were flattened and fruit trees were stripped bare. That combination leaves the community without infrastructure to survive while they rebuild.
“The biggest problem they have is food,” Hess explained. “We started a fundraiser to help purchase 50-pound bags of rice from Port Au Prince and ship it to there.”
The cost of each bag of rice would be about $30, according Hess. They have already received enough donations to purchase 4 tons of rice. That translates to 45,000 meals and, at just one meal a day, is only enough for the community to eat for 10 days. Hess says that they need at least 1,000 bags to sustain the community during the eight to 10 weeks it will take for them to re-establish their food sources.
The efforts to help raise funds for this cause have not been limited to just a one or a few groups of people, many different people and groups have donated their time and money to the cause. “Local farmers have contacted local agriculture businesses to attempt to lend a hand,” Hess said. “We are going to need a lot of help.”
Donations may be made at Checks may be made to the Rotary Club PO Box 841 Crawfordsville IN 47933 or St. Bernard’s Catholic Church 1306 E Main St, Crawfordsville, IN 47933.