Hard to believe that we’ve been doing this almost 20 years, but The Paper’s Readers’ Choice annual event is back and better than ever! RC ’21, the largest reader promotion in Montgomery County, is kicking off another year with the voting beginning Wednesday
Who has the best cheeseburger in town? Who makes the best pizza? Who is the best mover? What's your favorite newspaper??Since around 2005, Crawfordsville and Montgomery County residents have voted by the hundreds of thousands (and even went above 1 million one year) for their favorite people, products and places.? To vote for all your favorites in the 2021 installment of The Paper’s Readers' Choice Contest all you have to do is go to www.thepaper24-7.com and click on the Readers’ Choice 2021 ad!
Last year there were more than half a million votes.
Paper readers have been voting by the hundreds of thousands for their favorite people, products and places for year and this year looks to be no exception.?"We started the Readers' Choice Awards as a way to have some fun and let people recognize their favorite things," Paper Publisher Tim Timmons said. "It seems that we always hear about the bad things. Readers' Choice is a great opportunity to point out the many, many good things and good people all over Montgomery County."?The entire process is simple. The 2021 ballots will be available online at www.thepaper24-7.com on Wednesday. If a business or something is not listed that you want to vote for, let us know by e-mailing ttimmons@thepaper24-7.com. We’ll be sure to add it right away.
Everyone is encouraged to vote in all categories, but you can vote for as many or as few – or as often – as you want.?"It’s a fun event," Timmons added. "Think of it like Chicago politics - vote early and vote often!"