On June 13, the family of James “Jimmy” Frank Popp, of Crawfordsville, filed a missing person report with the Crawfordsville Police Department. They said Popp had been traveling to Indianapolis on the morning of June 7 and since that point, no one had heard from or seen him.
On June 27, two weeks later, the family of another Crawfordsville man, 36-year-old Dejuan Sechrest, filed a missing person report with Crawfordsville Police. His family, located in Indianapolis, said they have not had contact with him since January. Crawfordsville Police reported that their department had contact with Sechrest in February.
Police told The Paper that they believe the two cases are unrelated.
Det. Lt. Bob Rivers of the Crawfordsville Police Department said the cases are also going in different directions.
“In the case of Mr. Popp, nothing has been very solid,” Rivers said. “It is rumored and thought he went to the Indianapolis area but we have nothing concrete to confirm that. Obviously, it’s been almost a month and no one has heard from (Popp) and that is quite concerning.”
Sechrest is different.
“As for the Dejuan Sechrest case, there is strong evidence he has been seen and heard from in the Indy area in the last two weeks,” Rivers said. “We’re hopeful we can track him down soon.”
Despite rumors of a missing Crawfordsville woman, Rivers said they had no reports of such. He did say that the parents of a 23-year-old Parke County woman filed a missing person report. Rivers said the woman may have been in Crawfordsville on Sunday or Monday and has not been seen since.