Current Rotary President Aaron Morgan (left) and past President Jennifer Stanfield (right) present Interact Club President Ryan Sowers with a bell and gavel.
Current Rotary President Aaron Morgan (left) and past President Jennifer Stanfield (right) present Interact Club President Ryan Sowers with a bell and gavel.
Interact is a verb that means to act in such a way as to have an effect on another, act reciprocally. In partnership with the Crawfordsville Rotary Club, Southmont High School has created their first ever Interact Club. The new Interact Club will be holding bi-weekly student meetings with Rotary’s motto “Service Above Self” as their goal. The club held its organizational meeting Wednesday with members of the Rotary Club.
Two projects are in the works for the first year. An, as-yet, unannounced local project and an international project to help feed needy families in the nation of Haiti. Former Southmont teacher, Ron Hess, spearheaded the efforts to create an Interact Club at Southmont and was to have been a keynote speaker. Hess is currently on a mission to Haiti and, as circumstances would have it, could not get back in time for the meeting.
Aaron Morgan presented the Southmont High School Interact Club with its own Rotary bell and gavel with which to open their meetings. Current Southmont Interact President, Ryan Sowers, then opened the meeting by sounding the bell.
Student members of Interact are currently conducting a bake sale and recently, with the Crawfordsville Rotary, sold hot chocolate at a local event. Monies will go to the Haiti fund.
Morgan, current president of the Crawfordsville Rotary told the paper, “The Interact Club will help students grasp the concepts and goals of Rotary. This is our first extension into the high school level and we are getting so much positive energy, and a much bigger turnout, from our youth, than expected. Soon, we will have Interact Clubs at North Montgomery and Crawfordsville High School with a long term goal of having them combine their efforts with each other.” Morgan further stated, “After high school, when they go on to other things, we want to have elements in place that will keep them in, or bring them back to Crawfordsville.”
The three keynote speakers, Roger Azar of Deckard Engineering, Gil Tobias of Tobias Architecture and Gary Isenberg of Keystone Building Services gave a great example of how businesses can interact successfully in the modern world.
Azar began with, “A large project generally begins with engineering, my specialty. A site plan must be drawn and the myriad of rules and regulations must be overcome, including environmental concerns and local impact. Whether it’s a summer job, internship or on-the-job training, we want you! Only then can we move onto the next stage; going to an architect.
Architect Gil Tobias continued. “Our job is to take all the engineering specifications and develop them into a workable set of plans for the builder. Computer savvy people are in great demand with us, as well as researchers, buyers, designers and interns. College is great but nothing shapes a young mind like a real world experience.
Gary Isenberg of Keystone Building Service continues, “Our job is to bring the engineers and architects plans into reality. The construction industry is very short on trade’s people. It’s, also, moving into the future with the use of drones and robots. All of this technology needs good people behind it, people that can interact skillfully with everything and everyone around them.
Azar finished with, “No matter what field you choose, we want you! We want people who can think outside the box! Rotary and Interact can help you learn to reach out and work together for a secure future for everyone.”
Newly elected Interact president Ryan Sowers is a senior at Southmont and hails from just outside Ladoga. After graduation, he plans to study Psychology at Purdue, Wabash or Hanover College. He tells The Paper, “Our club is over 40 strong already and the enthusiasm to learn how to ‘bring it all together’ by partnering with Rotary is very exciting to all of us.”