Well the month of August is here and the weather has changed and is a little more mild, thank goodness.
Well now the Veteran Roudebush Hospital and Danville, IL Hospitals are all open for limited access for appointments but nothing available for drivers to take veterans to the VA. We have had no veterans go to the VA this month.
We will soon have a new Brownsburg VA Clinic which was authorized by Congress and the President as part of the Veterans Choice 2.0 legislation signed in August of 2017. A lease was awarded to construct a build-to-suit facility of 80,000 square foot to support health care provided by Veteran Health Indiana to central Indiana Veterans. The Brownsburg VA Clinic lease was the first leases signed nationally as part of the choice 2.0 Act.
The facility will house 16 primary care teams capable of providing healthcare services to 20,000 Veterans. Mental health services, physical therapy, optometry, audiology and other support services will also be housed in the new clinic.
The new facility will be located at Pit Road (off 56th street), Brownsburg, Indiana 46112.
Veterans Health Indiana serves over 70,000 Veterans each year. Affiliated with the IU School of Medicine, the health system provides complex, teriary care as well as basic primary care. This $75 Million investment is the largest investment in more than 25 years to support Veterans in central Indiana.
August 7th is the National Purple Heart Day. Thank you to those who paid for our freedom with their blood.
August 6th I will be at the American Legion Post 72 here in Crawfordsviille, IN just North of the Armory from 1 p.m. till 4:30 p.m. on Thursday the 6th of August.
If you need a DD-214 please call the Recorders office to see if they have your DD-214 on file, if they don’t please call me to see if I have one or we will order you one. If you have a DD-214 but have not filled it as yet, please take it to the Recorders office in the Courthouse and have it registered.
Joseph Ellis is the Montgomery County Veteran Service Officer. Reach him at (765) 361-4133