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Well, the MidStates properties tax certificates sold. Sure that sounds like a good thing. The county had not received any tax money on the property for a number of years. As it turns out, the person who bought the certificates owes the county more than $53,000 in back taxes. His new LLC paid $100,000 for the two certificates. Time will tell if the, as commissioner Bill McCormick called it, "albatross" is really gone, or if there is a new one.

* * * * *

The governor gave his State of the State address earlier this week. There sure was a lot of talk about property taxes. Now let's see if that talk will turn into action. It is an election year after all.

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Rebate checks are making their way into mailboxes all around the county. Many have already arrived. You know, for all the anticipation local residents have had over these checks, isn't it sad that many of these checks will barely fill the gas tank?

* * * * *

January is slipping away. Can you even remember your New Year's Resolution?

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Rex Ryker knew exactly who last weeks guest was. It's no surprise. He probably felt like he was looking in the mirror. Angie Hayes, Doug Hudson, Jessica McKinney and Diane German correctly identified last week's Mystery Guest as Ryker. Ryker is currently the head football coach at Crawfordsville High School. He played basketball as a seventh grade student for The Paper's very own Bob Cox when he attended Northridge Middle School.

This week's Mystery Guest is a long time resident of Montgomery County. He was born in Kentucky and moved to Indiana as a young child.

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