DENNIS MOUNT will celebrate 5 years of service with Crawford Industries on Nov. 17. Mount joined Crawford in 2014. He worked in Die Cut Department as an Auto Die Cut Operator. He left Crawford for a short period of time in early 2019, but returned in early spring to his previous position. Dennis runs several of the auto die cutters on the off shift. Dennis and his wife Ronda Kozik-Mount live in Terre Haute. He has 3 children, Tiffany Stone, Dustin Mount, and Zane Mount.

THELMA FORD will celebrate 5 years of service with Crawford on Nov. 19. Ford joined Crawford as an Envision Gluer Support and Finishing Operator in 2014. She continues in the role in the Finishing Department. She and her husband, Terry Ford live in Crawfordsville. Thelma has 2 children Rebekah Jett, and Kellie Ford.

JESSICA BROWN celebrates 5 years of service with Crawford on November 19th. Brown joined Crawford as a Finishing Operator in the Envision Department in 2014. She took a position as a Cutter in early 2017. Jessica then took a job in the Warehouse as a Material Stores clerk in November 2017. She joined the Customer Service Department in June 2018 as a Customer Service Representative and she continues in that role. Jessica has 3 daughters, Isabella, Adrianna, and Elizabeth. In her spare time she enjoys reading and music; there’s always something to smile about!