The city of Crawfordsville and Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power should know by the end of the year the outcome of the sale of the power plant.

Utility Service Board attorney Dan Taylor said Tuesday morning that potential buyer Bill Harrington will be in town Dec. 3 to meet with CEL&P/Accelplus Manager Phil Goode.

Goode said after the Utility Service Board meeting that at the Dec. 3 meeting with Harrington, they will discuss the timeline for the sale of the power plant.

"We would like to get this closed ASAP," Goode said. "The board is wanting this closed."

Goode said that all the regulatory issues Harrington previously had to address prior to purchasing the power plant have been completed.

"We'll meet Dec. 3 and give a closing date," Goode said. "I'm hopeful. I'm very hopeful."

Goode said that they only had one person interested in purchasing the plant.

Harrington, who leads a group planning to buy the power plant for $975,000, with $50,000 in earnest money.

"We are glad he is coming to town," Taylor said. "That's a good sign. Hopefully he will pay the earnest money."

The first step is to meet Dec. 3.

"The timeline needs to be less than 90 days," Goode said. "We want to see some action by the end of the year on his part."