Hosted by Mary Melvin Jan. 24, 2017
Members Present: Lori Chadd, Melody Davis, Denise Dossett, Lorie Servies, Carla Bridwell, Mary Melvin, Sharon Southern, and Patty Linn
We met at Arnis, in Crawfordsville, ordered off the menu, ate, and then held our business meeting.
* Mary welcomed everyone and read our mission statement.
* Secretary’s Report: November & December minutes where read and approved.
* Treasurer’s Report: Read and approved. A thank you note, from Beverly Turner, was read about our Mental Health donation.
New Business
* Mary passed around papers for volunteers to sign up for Leader Lessons, that are posted on the website listed in our home ec. book, on various topics. The presentations will be done during different home ec. meetings and will last approximately 15 minutes each.
* Melody – Creative cooking with kids
* Patty – Healthy heart
* Denise – Frugality & simple living
* Carla – Spending for special occasions & holidays
* Patty – New light bulbs
* Lori C. – Why we eat what we eat
* Mary – Citrus jeopardy
* Lorie S. – Christian health ministries
* For the May achievement program, we are in charge of a wrapped $5 gift for the door prize.
* Lori C. is on the Cultural Arts Committee
* Mary and the club is on the Holiday Expo booth rental and booth marking committee.
* The February meeting will be hosted by Denise and the location will be announced. For the attendance, bring community service ideas for our club as your response.
* The March meeting will be hosted by Patty. We will each be baking 2 dozen cookies and meeting at the City Police Department, where we will give the night ship appreciation cookies for their hard work and dedication. We will then go somewhere to eat and hold our business meeting.
* Another community service idea, that was brought up, was to make tray favors for a local nursing home.
* Carla will host the April meeting
* May meeting is open for a hostess
* Mary will host the June meeting
* Mary is looking to step down as the president after serving this position for many years. Melody showed interest in taking the job if no one else would take it. Our club is 34 years old and the Home Demonstration Club was founded in 1913.
* Mary’s challenge for next month is for everyone to visit the home ec website and write down something you enjoyed or learned and bring to the next meeting.
Anyone who is interested in joining the club can contact Melody Davis at We would love to have new members!