Flower Lovers club met on Nov. 2 at St John's Church with 27 in attendance. Hostesses were Jan Stout, Sonia Hartman, Jan Carpenter and Dorothy Fogle. President Paula Furr recognized the November birthdays. The 2017 Slate of Officers was presented by the Nomination Committee, Carolyn Fisher, Kathy Houghton and Sharon Barton. All 2016 officers are remaining for 2017. President- Paula Furr, Vice President- Jo Anderson, Secretary- Terri Trinkle, Treasurer- Anita Arnold, Historian- Michelle Balmer, Myrna Slinker- Cheer with Kim Ruggles and Diane Fairfield- members at large. Dues must be paid by the December meeting and 10 stamped self-addressed envelopes turned in for the newsletter. The 2017 Garden Walk was discussed. Information for planter caregivers was shared and volunteers were requested to decorate pots for winter and wrap poles downtown.
The Dec. 7 meeting was our annual Christmas Party. We had 38 members attend. Jenny Beasley of Shady Rail Farm catered the event at St John's Church. A beautiful and delicious meal was enjoyed by all. The executive committee served as Hostesses and adorned the Church with Poinsettias, treat bags and Christmas decorations. President Furr announced that there a few downtown planters that need caregivers. She encouraged ALL members to participate in more activities. December, January and February birthdays were announced. The highlight of the day was the dirty Santa gift exchange. Lots of gardening items were taken the maximum amount of times allowed! The 2017 Garden Walk will be held on Sunday, June 25. More information will be available at our first meeting in March of 2017.