Nineteen members of the Montgomery County Master Gardeners met at the Fusion 54 building in downtown Crawfordsville. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 by Purdue Extension Office co-ordinator Ashley Adair and was kicked off with the presentation (via webinar) by Food Safety Educator Scott Monroe. The presentation covered the reduction of food borne illnesses based on GAP (Good Ag Practices) and new food safety laws from the FDA; and was considered basic produce food safety training. This training came at a time when the Master Gardeners are assisting at the Nicholson Elementary School Garden project and also involved in the refurbishing of the Crawfordsville High School Garden. That program is being implemented by Master Gardener’s president Susan Smith and member Pam Mahler.
At the conclusion of the presentation the usual club meeting ensued.
The April minutes were approved and had previously been sent to members via email for review.
Treasurer Paula Furr reported on the club’s finances and the outcome of the recent Plant Exchange. The event was reported to be the best attended to date with a good variety of plants being exchanged as well as ideas. Master Gardener members were on hand to answer any questions.
A report was given on the Nicholson Elementary Garden project by Anita Arnold. She was excited to share the news about the approval to have a watering system available to the garden for the summer.
The garden is said to be 90% planted by the 2nd and 3rd graders who attend there, and students have signed up to participate in the summer schedule worked up for maintenance and harvest. A sign-up sheet was available to the Master Gardeners to assist with the summer Garden Club program.
The other big project the club has taken on is the refurbishing and replanting of the Crawfordsville
High School garden. Susan Smith said it will be planted as a “tasting garden” and a meeting has been scheduled for May 22nd to implement the program.
Member Paul Bledsoe brought to the group’s attention a request from a local privately owned business for our assistance in planting and landscaping. The club and extension office co-ordinator will report at the next meeting on regulations and qualifications for such a request.
The decision to be involved with the Amtrak garden has not been resolved in light of the extensiveness of the project and the current situation involving the scheduling of the passenger trains through Crawfordsville.
Jo Anderson was thanked for the creation of the vendor survey regarding the Master Gardeners Annual Lawn and Garden Show held back in April. The compiled feedback and recommendations will be advantageous in the set up of next year’s event.… already scheduled for April 18th, 2020.
The meeting was closed at 8:00. The club will meet again on Monday, June 10th at the county 4-H grounds Exhibit Hall.