On Monday, May 6th, 2019, a PIX business meeting was held at the Crawfordsville District Public Library with President, Maggie Bryant, residing. The business meeting was called to order by Bryant, members were led in the opening verse and birthdays and anniversaries were announced.
Vice President, Dice took roll call and Pam Karle gave the Treasurer’s report, which was approved as presented. She also reviewed the Pre-Convention Report that is due May 10th. Julie Swick reviewed the March minutes and presented the April meeting minutes, which were approved as read.
Jennifer Hunter shared correspondence. Correspondence not requiring action included the Riley Messenger magazine and information regarding submission of a letter for the upcoming Helicon magazine. An email was received from Taffy Day regarding the Pre-Convention Report being due by May 10th and the National convention submission being due by May 15th. Another letter was received indicating that candidates for national offices will be voted on at the National Convention. Purdue sent an email thanking us for inviting them to the reception in honor of the Elizabeth Backe Scholarship and thanking us for the support we are providing. Correspondence requiring action included a letter regarding proposed National Bylaw changes and funding for National Projects. Jennifer Hunter reviewed project proposals. Jenny Slavens motioned to accept the proposals and Jeneane seconded. Discussion held and motioned failed. Jenny Slavens then motioned that the National delegates vote their conscience regarding the project proposals at the convention with Ellen Lewis seconding. Motion passed. Hunter then reviewed the proposed bylaw changes. Jenny Slavens motioned that the delegates vote to agree to the proposed bylaw changes with Pam Karle seconding. Motion passed.
In old chapter business, Jennifer Hunter gave a summary of the State Meeting she attended. Delegate changes were discussed for attendance at the National Convention. Pam Karle indicated she has already submitted the Pre-Convention Report and included a letter regarding our Lost Sisters for the year. In new chapter business, location for the June meeting/initiation of legacy members was discussed. Tamara Hemmerlein will be opening up her home for the event. Legacy members have been mailed invitations to attend. Jenny Slavens motioned to reimburse Tamara for the entrée she will be providing, Karle seconded. Motion passed. Committee sign-ups were also passed and will be emailed to all members by Michelle Dice.
Committee reports were given. For the Elizabeth Backe Scholarship, Jenny Slavens indicated there was a nice turnout for the reception for the scholarship presentation to Purdue. She shared an email from Dr. Alexander who was in attendance. Nancy Buckles motioned that Marketing/Fundraising, treasurer, and Backe Scholarship committees get together to discuss future plans for scholarship. Jenny Hesler seconded. Motion passed. Pam Karle indicated that approximately 110 kids were served by the Easter Bunny event. She motioned that the event be continued, Hemmerlein seconded. Motion passed. For Geraniums, Karle indicted that sales went well and she motioned we continue to event. Hemmerlein seconded and motion passed. For Better Speech and Hearing Month, Naomi Horton indicated she is working on banners. Discussion was held. For Summer Speech Clinic, Julie Swick passed sign-up sheet for the check-in desk. For Preschool Language Screenings, Bryant indicated that the room for the screenings has been reserved for the morning of May 11th, 2019. For Strawberry Festival, Angie Griggs passed the booth sign-up sheet.

Karle indicted she has been asked to serve on the National Long-Term Project Proposal Committee. A new chapter has been established in Clarksville. Ellen Lewis motioned that the chapter donate a $1 per active member to the new chapter, Michelle seconded. Motion passed.
The meeting was adjourned following door prizes and closing verse. The next business meeting/initiation will be Monday, June 3rd, 2019 at 6 pm at Tamara Hemmerlein’s house.