On Monday, June 3rd, 2019, a PIX initiation/business meeting was held at the Allen’s Country Kitchen Banquet Room with President, Maggie Bryant, residing. The initiation of legacy Meghan Griggs was held and led by the conductress, Angie Griggs, followed by dinner. The initiation of new officers was also held. The business meeting followed, which was called to order by Bryant. Members were led in the opening verse and birthdays and anniversaries were announced.
Vice President, Michelle Dice took roll call and Pam Karle gave the Treasurer’s report, which was approved as presented. Julie Swick presented the May minutes, which were approved as read.
Jennifer Hunter shared correspondence. Correspondence not requiring action included a thank you letter from Riley’s Children’s foundation for our donation. A thank you note from Hear Indiana’s Director, Naomi Horton, regarding our recent donation. Purdue sent a letter thanking us again for the Elizabeth Backe Scholarship. A letter from the National Long-term Project Committee indicating nominations are due by Nov. 1st, 2019. National Vice President, Pat Menge, sent an email regarding the recent bylaw changes. Correspondence requiring action was not received.

In old chapter business, Karle shared that t-shirts are still available for order/purchase. Vicky Reynolds shared that if small banners were purchased, they could be hung by CEL&P and upcoming event information could be shared on their LED board. Bryant discussed combining PR/marketing and the Archive Committee and discussion was held. Jenny Slavens shared information regarding a presentation of the first Elizabeth Backe Scholarship being held on October 10th, 2019 at Purdue University. Following discussion, Pam Karle motioned that we put $100 in the annual budget for the long-term project. Reynolds seconded and motion passed. In new chapter business, Karle shared that another new chapter has been formed. Jenny Slavens moved that we give the new chapter $20, Dice seconded. Motion Passed.

Committee reports were given. For cards and flowers, a card has been sent to an inactive sister after having a baby and a card will be sent for the passing of a member’s nephew. For Geraniums, Karle gave a final total of money raised after all money had been collected. For Better Speech and Hearing Month, Bryant shared information gathered regarding purchase of banners and discussion was held. For Preschool Language Screenings, discussion was held regarding ways in which to promote this event next year. For Music Awards, Tonya Michael shared that an award was given to one CHS and one SHS band student. Awards were presented to one band member and one choir member at NMHS. For Speech Awards, three CHS students received awards in the amount of $200, $100, and $50. The committee recommended that the chapter donate $50 to both SHS and NMHS. Jenny Slavens motioned that two speech awards for each SHS and NMHS be established for the Spring 2020 awards season, Jennifer Hunter seconded. Motion passed. Janeane Murphy motioned that the speech awards be increased by the nomination committee. Karle seconded the motion and it passed. For the Summer Speech Clinic, Julie Swick passed the sign-up sheet for the check-in desk and shared an update on enrollment. For Strawberry Festival, Angie Griggs passed the booth sign-up sheet.

The meeting was adjourned following door prizes, the closing verse, and presentation of year-end SPY gifts. The next business meeting will be Monday, September 9th, 2019 at 7 pm at the Crawfordsville District Public Library.