On Dec. 21 at New Hope Christian Church Dubble Duzzen Home Extension members came together to celebrate Christmas. Hostesses Marcia Neel, Becky Thompson and Eulah Jaynes greeted members as they arrived. They were seated at lovely Christmas decorated tables. There were 16 members attending.
Neel welcomed everyone and Lynne Michael said the prayer before lunch. All were then treated to a delicious meal of chicken and rice, pretzel salad, deviled eggs, celery casserole and "Santa" strawberries.
After lunch the pledges and creed were recited. Sandy Caldwell gave a very touching devotion entitled "Are You Winterized"? There are some things that make the cold of our winter very intense. We need to winterize and guard against them. One of them is not letting worldly influences take over our lives. Just like the winter air seeps around doors and windows, worldly friends, music and thinking can seep into our lives if our guard is down. Using God's word like "caulk" we can block all that. Sometimes we get the winter blues and form icicle attitudes – being cranky and out of sorts. Remembering who God is and who we are NOT, we can adjust our attitudes which no one but us can fix.
Sometimes, life circumstances can be devastating. Like a blizzard, it can leave bad effects. Know that God sees the outcome. Going through trials, we are bound to be depressed. Keeping our lives in tune with God can go a long way in dealing with it. We need to prepare our winter emergency kit. It needs to be filled with non-perishable food-Scripture, extra blankets-fellowship, drinking water-Christ the living water and emergency candles or flashlights-God's guidance. All of us have "winters" in our lives. It's up to us to choose how we deal with them!
Neel and Jaynes, accompanied by Thompson, then led the members in "When Christ Was Born" to the tune of "How Great Thou Art" and "This is Christmas" to the tune of "Silver Bells". It only took a couple of tries to get it PERFECT! Everyone was given a number to match with their grab bag to open. All gifts were so nice and unique. Then it was time for dessert of mint chocolate chip ice cream cake and double chocolate brownie dessert. Yum!! Mary Smith, you outdid yourself.
The day was concluded by singing happy birthday to Sue Foy, Linda Cooper and Pat Hall. Happy anniversary wishes were sung to Janet White.
To close the meeting all sang "Silent Night". Merry Christmas and see you next year!