On a beautiful fall Wednesday, the November Dubble Duzzen, hosted by Sandy Caldwell, took place at the New Market Christian Church. The church was decorated beautifully with fall leaf placemats and fall decorations. Almost before we were seated, we were scurrying to various tables to put together fudge brownie mix and peppermint hot cocoa mix. Lesson leader Judy Tulley explained how we were to layer all the ingredients in a canning jar and top it with a decorative Christmas fabric lid and put the instructions on the jar. Great gift idea and so fun to make! Some of us wished we had not worn black clothes as we were somewhat covered in flour!
After completing our projects, all thoroughly enjoyed a harvest pitch-in feast and much conversation. So much good food!
President Peggy Dixon began the meeting with the flag salutes, the club creed and the mission statement.
She also gave the words of inspiration entitled "What's In Your Purse?" We all have purses that are pretty on the outside, but can be full of unnecessary things we say we will need later but never do. Sometimes we do that as Christians. One purse necessity we need is a cellphone – our communication device which is like that of prayer to talk to our Savior often. Keys are essential to unlock our doors as Faith is the key that unlocks doors needed to survive each day. To give us our identification, we add our driver's license with the lovely picture. Our identification with Christ gives us a greater benefit – eternal life. Money is required to make purchases. Instead of earthly treasures, we need to lay up treasure in heaven. Our sunglasses are to help us see better. We should remember to see with eyes of compassion, love and kindness always. A package of tissues is thrown in to shed tears for other's souls. If hand lotion is included, let's be reminded to put a little softness in our day reacting to situations and other people. A hairbrush, a needed item to get tangles out, can be used to brush through our worries because sometimes we have "tangled up" days to endure. Lastly, lipstick reminds us that it is essential to put praise and singing on our lips daily. It's easy to get up and drop in our "purses" in life unnecessary things. Sometimes we take grumpiness or bad attitudes. Those things clutter up our lives – getting in the way of serving Christ. We must turn our lives upside down and dump everything out except for those things that honor Christ. Be tidy with our Christian lives and just have things at our fingertips that please the Lord.
The song of the month was "Thank You Lord."
Birthday wishes were sung to Becky Thompson.
The Treasurer's report was read and approved. Because last month was the tour, there were no Minutes. Thank you notes from Mary Harmon and Caldwell were read. The Health and Safety report was given by Sue Foy. She stated that we are bombarded by so-called healthy ads daily about low fat and low salt diets we should try. We SHOULD eat this, we SHOULDN'T eat this – it's hard to know what to eat. The only diet that works is the one you stick to! Don't be on a diet that deprives you totally of things you crave because you are destined to fail. Try to compare items on a menu for calorie, salt and fat content because you can be deceived by what "looks" healthy. For example a breakfast of steak, egg, and bagel sandwich even though loaded with protein, has 1,510 mg of sodium and 35 g of fat! Substituting more nutritious food, without losing taste can be accomplished. If eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, use fresh berries instead of the jelly because it is loaded with sugar.
After much discussion, it was motioned by Thompson and seconded by Janet White to reimburse Tulley for today's expenses. A free will offering was given to add to the treasury. Patsy Stephens, and seconded by Eulah Jaynes, made a motion to give $50 to the Love Committee to purchase items for soldiers in need.
Thanksgiving cards will be sent to our adopt-a-patient ladies. Gifts will also be given to them at Christmas.
Membership committee and all members were each given packages of M&Ms to remind us that More Members Means More Memories.
Dixon thanked all people who worked or donated to the Holiday Expo. It was a well-attended event.
The Spring Tea will be April 11 and everyone was encouraged to invite guests. It is open to the public.
Items for the Mental Health Patients were collected in abundance. They will meet many people's needs at the holidays.
The Christmas party next month will be at Becky Thompson’s house with a catered meal and a $10-15 gift exchange. Hostesses will call nearer to time. Dixon won the napkin prize.
The club Prayer was recited to close the meeting.