A business meeting was held Monday, Feb. 6 in a meeting room at the Crawfordsville Public Library with President, Jennifer Hunter, residing. Jennifer Slavens took roll call. The meeting began with the opening verse followed by announcements of birthdays and anniversaries. The minutes were given by Angie Griggs, approved as corrected. Psi Otes looked over the printed treasurer’s report and the proposed budget for 2017-2018.
For correspondence not requiring action, we received a thank-you letter for a care package that we sent as well as the Helicon letter. For correspondence requiring action, we received an invitation to the state meeting on April 22. Naomi Horton and Jennifer Hunter agreed to attend.
In old chapter business, Jennifer Slavens stated our profit for the “I Love Art” event that was held at the Carnegie Museum on Saturday, Feb. 4. She also discussed some potential places that we could hold a charity ball, if we decided to do so.
In new business, it was stated that we would vote on the proposed budget for 2017-2018 at the March 6 meeting. Michelle Dice listed prospective members and Jennifer Slavens asked if anyone would be interested in taking a tour of Purdue again to see what our Elizabeth Backe Scholarship allows students to accomplish.
Committee reports were given. For Cards and Flowers, there were three names listed to receive cards. For Everyone Reads, Tamara Hemmerlein stated that Everyone Reads will take place on Saturday, March 11 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. She also stated that setup would be Friday, March 10, from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. She also checked with the committees to make sure that everything was going well. Jennifer Slavens handed out bookmarks and posters to be delivered to various schools. For Cheeseballs, Michelle Dice said that there were a few more people that had bought cheeseballs. For Geraniums, order forms were handed out. Geranium orders will be due at the April 3 meeting. There are 5-inch pots for $4. The color choices are red, white, pink, salmon, and violet. There are also $10 gift cards. Pick-up will be Friday, April 21.
The meeting was adjourned following the closing verse. The next business meeting will be held on Monday, March 6 at the Crawfordsville Public Library at 7 p.m.