The Master Gardeners Club of Montgomery County met on Monday July 8th , 2019 for the monthly meeting at the 4-H Grounds here in Crawfordsville. There were thirteen members in attendance.
The minutes from the June meeting had previously been sent to all members by secretary Priscilla Zachary via email and were approved by the membership.
Anita Arnold V.P. for the group gave the financial report on behalf of treasurer Paula Furr, who couldn’t attend.
This was a special meeting due to five of the Master Gardeners - 2016 class being the recipients of awards reaching new levels in the program. Program co-ordinator Ashley Adair did the honors. Anita Arnold achieved the Bronze level, while Priscilla Zachary, Marie Stocks, David Polley and Nancy Bowes have become Advanced Master Gardeners. These new ranks were achieved through cumulative volunteer and educational hours in the Master Gardeners program. Refreshments celebrated the event.
President Susan Smith asked for anyone having 4-H entries in the Open Class; and reminded everyone that the turn-in deadline is Friday, July 12th at 8:00 a.m. Members are encouraged to participate.
The group had decided in June that we would have a booth at the Montgomery County 4-H Fair. (July 12th – July 18th) Our contribution will be all about herbs- varieties, care and use. Our booth will be in front of the main building and open Fri, July 12th through Monday, July 15th during the hours of 5-7 p.m. Members signed up for the days they would be available. Free packages of seeds will be handed out at the booth as well as additional information on herbs.
Members were reminded that the Indiana State Fair will be held this year Aug 2nd through Aug 18th. Our booth; Master Gardeners Info on the Go, will be in the Agriculture Building and covered by members on Friday Aug 9th and Friday Aug 16th during the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
A report on the Nicholson Garden Project was given by Anita Arnold, Esther Bundy-Pfefferle and Denise Ducharme. These members and others have been assisting with the Nicholson Summer Garden Program involving maintenance and harvest. Produce is coming on and will be donated to the local Fish Food Pantry as well as to students. Gardeners are still waiting on the water availability to be remedied as the high temps continue and water is being “bucketed” to the plants.
The Crawfordsville High School garden has been cleaned up and planted by members of our Master Gardeners Club and is coming on slowly. More student participation is needed and getting water to the garden is an issue for this program.
On a high note, the Community Garden is doing well and just recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. The garden space is south on HWY 47 and has been donated by the Smith family. The entire month of June… Mondays were filled with children learning all about gardening, weeding and good bugs, bad bugs. Master Gardener members Paul Bledsoe and Pam Mahler shared some of their experiences working with the “future gardeners” at that level as being very rewarding. This Farm to School program is an auxiliary of the Nicholson Project through Purdue grants.
The meeting officially closed at 7:30 with the next meeting being scheduled for August 12th at 6:60 p.m.