Ryan Keener and Amy Wells spoke at this week’s Rotary Club meeting. Amy is the local branch manager of TCU and introduced Ryan Keener. Ryan said TCU started back in 1931 by 8 teachers who were not happy with traditional banking at the time. But today TCU is not just for teachers. Ryan lives in the Avon area and is a commercial loan officer at the Avon Branch. TCU's total assets are 3.2 billion, they have 300 million in loans outstanding including commercial loans. They are Not For Profit organization. Which means they return profits to their members and they can donate to outside non profits, such as the $108,000 to the United Way last year. Their website is tcunet.com/mybusiness or call them at 800 333 3828. The Crawfordsville Rotary Club meets each Wednesday at the Crawfordsville District Public Library.