The Paper photos by Stacey Baschwit
Sabrina Bone prides herself on giving back.
The Paper photos by Stacey Baschwit Sabrina Bone prides herself on giving back.
“Giving is living”, is the moto of Sabrina Bone, and she’s doing just that!
Sabrina [Louati] Bone, was born April 12, 1976, in Marseille, France, one of five children. Her father, Ahmed, is a retired property manager and her mother, Lalia, a seamstress.
Sabrina says that while growing up her family took many vacations and she was able to experience different places and different cultures. This awakened a passion in her to learn more about other countries and cultures. Bone, a self-described “book worm”, worked hard earning herself an Associate’s Degree in Tourism and Leisure, a Master’s Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Philosophy and Literature, and a Masters degree in Languages.
“School in our culture is completely different then here, we attend 55 hours a week,” she says.
Along with her many accomplished degrees, Bone also speaks six languages - French, English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese with initiation to Japanese. She’s has traveled all over and witnessed some of the most picturesque places in the world. From the rolling green hills of Ireland, to the extraordinary architecture of Florence and its beautiful fields of olive trees.
But since she was a little girl, Bone felt a connection to America. She says she used to pretend she was American by trying to talk with an American accent. So, coming to America was a destined step in her eventful life. She decided to join an Au pair program to allow her to study English at International College, in Naples, Fla. where she could perfect the language.
“There’s no better way to learn another language than living in the country, amongst the people and their culture,” Bone said.
Within eight months of living in Naples, she fell head over heels in love with a sweet guy from Indiana, Michael Bone.
Sabrina had no doubts Michael was the man she would spend the rest of her life with. After a short courtship and a surprise proposal in Marseille, the sweethearts were married in Naples, Fla. on May 3, 1999. Not long after, the newlyweds moved to Indiana to be near Michael’s family and his hometown.
The couple first lived in New Ross and moved around a few times, always staying in the Crawfordsville area. It was during this time that Sabrina gave birth to their first child, a son, Brian. Four years later, along came their baby girl, Cassandra, “Cassie.”
Off to a great start at their American dream, in 2007, the couple built a house in Crawfordsville, a place to raise their family and make a home. With Michael busy running his trucking company, Sabrina dedicated her time to the children and being involved with their schooling and extra-curricular activities. Both children were members of Dance by Deborah.
Brian, now 16, enjoys acting and musical theater, choir and playing soccer. Cassie, 12, loves to read and explore her talents in art.
“I am really involved with their schooling. It is important as a parent to connect with our children’s teachers, who have a huge impact on your child,” Bone said. “I joined the P.T.O, bake for teachers, and volunteer to help the teachers in any way I can and to be there for whatever they need. I love our school district.”
Bone started the French Club at Pleasant Hill Elementary and Northridge Middle School. She is a substitute teacher and assists with Mrs. Fike’s French Class at North Montgomery High School.
“I enjoy being around these kids, I learn so much from them,” she said.
Along with her busy volunteer work, Bone is a Team Leader and an Independent Designer for Origami Owl. Origami Owl is a custom Jewelry company. She’s has made it her life’s mission to be a “Force for good.”
As Team Leader with the company, Bone has gotten to travel to places like Chicago and Orlando. However, the most rewarding benefit to working with Origami Owl is that it has given her the time and freedom to do what she loves most, “giving.”
She’s has made a personal decision to donate all of her commission to charity and helping others. She has helped and played host for several fundraisers and, although all of her fundraisers are very dear to her, a young girl named Kennedy Ellis, has made an extra special impact in Bone’s life.
“Origami Owl has helped me to help her, she absolutely has touched my heart,” Bone said.
Sabrina is excited for what the future holds for her and her family, and says she will continue to give where she can for as long as she can, because, “Giving is Living.”