Crawfordsville Adult Resource Academy recently was able to purchase a Promethean Board for their programs thanks to a generous grant from the Montgomery County Community Foundation. The funds were from the Irwin Lee Detchon Fund, the Michael D. and Sally A. Hinkle Fund and the John and Sandy Tidd Fund in memory of Ernest and Anna Tidd.
CARA chose a Promethean interactive flat panel that has now become the hub of many classes and instructional activities. The purchase included classflow software, an instant whiteboard, a photo and video gallery, and an interactive screen similar to an iPad. The instructor can choose to design a multi-faceted instruction for a group activity or design an individual custom curriculum for each student. The purchase has given CARA the opportunity to become a blended-learning adult learning center.
Students who work or who have many barriers to their educational goals may be able to make up a missed class from time-to-time with online assignments. And, importantly, using technology for learning develops the much needed College and Career Readiness Standard skills sought by employers. The CARA program is more interactive, engaging, and concise in helping the adult learner succeed thanks to MCCF.