Lafayette artist Bekki Canine has traveled very widely and has kept her eyes open. What she sees can be shocking as well as spectacular. Her crisp, alluring oil paintings capture that tension in brilliant color. As she implies in the title of her show, “Where We Are” does not suggest that we live in Indiana, but, rather, that we live in a changing world. The subtitle of her show is “A Collection of Paintings Considering Our Role in the Environment.” Canine’s approach to this large subject is imaginative and playful as her images quickly reveal. She paints and composes oils that invite thoughtful reflection about the natural world and how humans affect it. Her significant gift as an artist offers up surreal images suggesting stories of human involvement in our surroundings.
Athens Arts is pleased to announce that Bekki Canine’s show “Where We Are: A Collection of Paintings Considering Our Role in the Environment” will show at Athens Arts from today through Feb. 13. On Friday evening, between 6 and 8 p.m., the gallery will hold an Opening Reception for Bekki Canine. The community is cordially invited to come and meet the artist, view her alluring show, and enjoy refreshments and music. This event is free of charge.
Canine’s current work is the culmination of long study and practice fueled by passion. From the moment she walked through the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago when a teenager, Canine has been entranced by the rich atmospheres and colors found in traditional oil painting. She developed her own significant mastery of oil painting and other arts while studying at Illinois Wesleyan where she earned a BFA.
As her artwork matured, she decided to pursue a Masters of Arts in Art Education so she could teach in this area that has so richly nourished her. She holds that degree from Illinois University. During her years teaching young people from kindergartners up through college students, Canine’s talent and skills deepened and widened. She became really interested in the materials of art and their history. She revels in the intrinsic stories of papers, fabrics, and text. She in drawn to fabric from discarded clothing, to old maps and book pages, to forgotten photographs. In her work she combines these fragments by incorporating these collaged elements into her paintings. Through these works Bekki encourages thoughtful reflection about the environment and humans’ role in it.
Athens Arts is located at 113 N. Washington Street in downtown Crawfordsville, across from the courthouse. The gallery is free is open from Wednesdays-Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.