Having a name similar to another man is proving to be a nuisance for Patrick "Slim" Burns of Darlington.

Burns is getting campaign advice. Lots of advice and he is not even running for office.

"People stop me on the street and say they heard I was a candidate," Burns said. "I tell them, that's not me. Then they say, well you need to put out yard signs and campaign." Obviously many people don't listen.

Burns had 10 people ask him about running for office on Friday alone and he has had more ask him about running since another Patrick Burns, the one who lives south of Crawfordsville on C.R. 550 West, announced he is running for office this year.

The Patrick T. Burns who lives in the southern part of the southern part of the county is running as an Independent candidate for County Commissioner District 2, running against incumbent Jim Fulwider.

The Patrick "Slim" Burns who lives in Darlington writes letters to the editor but he insists he is not running for anything this political season.

"My neighbors, many of my previous work acquaintances, many, many people" have confused the Darlington Patrick Burns with the Bal Hinch Patrick Burns and the Darlington Patrick Burns wants it to stop.

Calls to the Bal Hinch Patrick Burns were not returned by press time Friday but he may be pleased with the publicity.