Local inventor, Gretchen McCormick, has developed a color coded measurement tool, “Measure By Color” and will put it on display at a national convention next week. McCormick is a graduate of Fountain Central High School and earned a degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University. McCormick found a home here in Montgomery County after marrying her husband, Jason, a graduate of North Montgomery High School.
“Jason is very supportive, he even attends conferences with me,” said McCormick.
McCormick said, the idea came to her out of pure frustration.
“I was teaching a lesson on measurements to a fifth grade class, and students were unable to visualize the various measurements on a ruler,” she said. “I used different color markers to draw each increment, and re-introduced the lesson to them. They picked it up easily, and idea behind this product was born.”
Measure By Color will be exhibited at INPEX 2017, June 13-15, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh, Pa. InventHelp's INPEX is a tradeshow that provides opportunities for inventors to present, demonstrate and promote their idea to companies that are looking for new products. Measure By Color simplifies the understanding of measurements by providing a visual understanding through color coding. It helps to guide the eyes and hands with color coded marks for a quick and accurate measurement every time. It could help teachers with the process of teaching fractions and is ideal for use in classrooms, studios or workshops. The patented 12-inch ruler design uses color to differentiate measurements ranging from 1⁄16-inch to 1-inch, along with metric measurements of millimeters and centimeters. Measurement lines are different thicknesses to provide additional visual distinction. This tool provides a color coded key on the back in both English and Spanish for assisting in time management and re-teaching.
Measure By Color is available, locally at “In His Time” book store, located downtown Crawfordsville. You can also visit www.MeasureByColor.com or call (317) 358-6818. McCormick is currently an Ad Executive and Event Marketing Coordinator for The Paper of Montgomery County.