Maybe it was because of Party Night, or maybe it was just a curious moment. But MAC got a question about downtown Crawfordsville. And that makes up this week’s Ask MAC column.
Hey MAC – What's going on with the Ben-Hur building?
MAC reached out to Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton and shared the question. The good mayor was kind enough to share this answer.
"There has been much work behind the scenes on the Ben-Hur Building adaptive re-use project and the building will be renovated into downtown hotel. The developer has secured financing, completed architectural design and selected a hotel operator. They are currently working on securing a restaurant operator and beginning the process of acquiring construction contractors to complete the work. There is a large amount of debris removal that needs to take place prior to construction and that process will begin next spring with actual construction beginning late in the second quarter of 2020. The project is scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2021. Unfortunately, this process has taken longer than I would have preferred but I am absolutely committed to making certain we get it correct and avoid making mistakes in order to beat a timeline. I believe our persistence and diligence have paid off and we've put together a redevelopment plan that will return this magnificent building to productive use while serving as an additional catalyst for positive change in our downtown and greater community."
As always MAC appreciates Mayor Barton’s willingness to share answers on what’s going on in our fair city. And it sounds like there’s even more to look forward to by the time the Monon Bell game is on tap when this year’s class of sophomores are in their senior year!
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