James Hubbard’s work is now on display at the Athens Arts Gallery.
James Hubbard’s work is now on display at the Athens Arts Gallery.
James Hubbard’s exceptional work with art printing “Impressions from Thorntown Press” opens at Athens Arts today and will continue through Sept. 18. The Gallery will have a reception for the artist on Friday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The public is invited to attend this free event to meet and welcome this acclaimed artist and to enjoy some light refreshments and music while viewing Hubbard’s exhibit in the Fishero Gallery.
An Indiana artist, James Hubbard has absorbed and woven into his printmaking some of the major art movements that swept America during the mid-20th century. Hubbard notes that during his youth and his youthful days as an artist, he was powerfully affected by Abstract Expressionists, by the San Francisco Family Dog psychedelic posters, by Eastern art, and even by the colorful tie-dye of the period.
As he notes, “The 1950s and 1960s were a time of great change in America” and these flamboyant and varied art styles, the techniques, and the use of form influenced him greatly. “It was an exceptional era in American art production.”
Such vivid influences did not make young Hubbard into a copyist, though. Rather they set him on the path to discover his own remarkable talent. In his work Hubbard employs a personal calligraphy, drawing upon the aesthetic sensibility and technology of prior ages and cultures.
As he explains, “I love the three-dimensional, sculptural feel of scribing paths of divergent lines into copper, carving furrows into cork, or manipulating pools of dye on the surface of water.” Farther on in the process he adds that he also enjoys “hearing the hissing viscosity of ink as I roll it onto a surface. The sequential and layered nature of printmaking is the perfect means for building a grammar of personal expression that suggests the mood of my central subject. I relish the surprise of pulling a print and discovering the image and paper have become one.”
Bringing an image to life through this evolving organic process is only part of what Hubbard enjoys about making art. He also values what a viewer brings to the process. “Truly there is no final state in the print process because viewers bring their own life stories and perspectives to bear.”
James Hubbard lives in Indianapolis and practices at his private studio Thorntown Press in Thorntown. Hubbard focuses on unique marbled mono-prints and limited edition, relief block and intaglio prints with collage embellishments of landscape, seascape, and nature subjects.
Hubbard has won many, many state and national awards including the Jurors’ Choice Award at the Artlink Contemporary Gallery’s 2017 National Print Exhibition and the Fain Best of Printmaking award given by the Providence (RI) Art Club’s “COLOR” exhibition of 2016. He won second place at the 2015 Indiana Artists’ Members Exhibition, and many others. He is currently president of Indiana Artists, and a member of national graphic artists’ organization.
As he sums up, “My art is both idealistic and romantic, traveling the trajectory of my personal experience and perspective. My prints are conceived as a soul sanctuary where viewers can quietly contemplate the pulse, poetry and riot of nature—transformational patterns within land, water, and sky. A colorful story unfolds within the wake of relief and etched lines that move in an arc of rhythmic energy.”
Athens Arts Gallery is open Wednesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.