We’re sharing an ad from one of Montgomery County’s many newspapers of the past (did you know that our county has been home to around 80 newspapers over the years!). This cute advertisement is from the Sunday Star – a newspaper that was located on the corner of Pike and Washington streets. According to our crack research team, the Sunday Star was published in Crawfordsville from 1872 to 1904. Thanks to our historian-in-residence Karen Zach for passing it along (and watch for something similar on the pages of your favorite Montgomery County daily soon).
* * *
WE KNEW our fearless leader would get in trouble with his Notable Nineties list – and boy did he! He mistakenly listed Ruth Hallett in the group – when clearly Ruth should not be! We understand he apologized – as well he should! As for Ruth, she took it with a big smile.
* * *
IF YOU ARE recovering from a St. Paddy’s Day hangover, may the luck of the Irish be with you!
* * *
SPEAKING OF St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a Happy Birthday to Barry Lewis who celebrates his every year on that festive day.
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OUR MYSTERY Guest last week was the county’s Veterans Service Officer, Joe Ellis. Turns out it doesn’t appear to be that much of a mystery because correct guesses came in from Bion Ruggles, Matt Thompson, Joyce Brown, Anna Miller, Perry Ellison, Michael Fons, Judi Kleine, Julie Rogers, Donna Walton, Jennifer Stanfield, Dawn Ellis, Gerry Turner and Florence Northcutt.
The winner was Mr. Ruggles! Kudos, Bion!
And special kudos to another former winner who’s donating their $25 to a good cause. Judi Kleine handed over her winnings to Missi Patton, a participant in The Challenge ’17. On behalf of Missi, Athena Sport & Fitness and The Paper, thanks Judi!
This week, our Mystery Guest has a stuffed resume and owns a business in addition to working for one of the city’s most important departments. Regular readers of The Paper will know that this outdoorsman even appeared on a Canadian TV show called “All Bears TV.” His day job is focused on safety, but he enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time. He and wife Janet have two sons – Darrin and Dalton - and two grandbabies.
Know who it is?
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