Indiana American Water Company’s Crawfordsville District has issued a boil water advisory affecting approximately 230 customers in the City of Crawfordsville after a water main break near Franciscan Health on U.S. 231 south of I-74. Some customers in the affected area were expected to be without water through at least late Thursday afternoon as crews worked to repair the breaks on a 10-inch water main.
A boil water advisory will be in effect for approximately 230 customers, which includes all customers north of and including the Northridge Subdivision. Areas affected include: all of the Northridge subdivision, Lafayette Road (US 231), Lafayette Drive, Delegates Row, N. County Road 100 W, North and South Hickory Lane, Woodlawn Drive, Johnson Drive, Concord Road, McCormick Drive, Corey Blvd., Smith Avenue, Candle View Lane, N. Everett Street, Hickory Drive and Industrial Drive.
The boil advisory has been issued since pressure dropped below 20 pounds per square inch in the affected area. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) mandates precautionary boil advisories to ensure high-quality water in the event water pressure drops below 20 pounds per square inch (psi) in any part of a distribution system.
Customers in the affected area are advised to drink and cook with tap water only after boiling it for at least three minutes. Tap water can be used for washing/bathing.
Boil advisories are issued as a precaution with a customer's best interests in mind. It's possible, but unlikely, bacteria could enter the water system when pressure in the line drops below 20 psi.
During the boil water advisory, the company performs a series of tests to determine the water meets regulatory drinking water standards. Boil advisories usually last approximately 24 hours. Samples are taken from several sites within the affected area. Unless otherwise notified through local media, the boil advisory will be lifted at approximately 6 p.m. on Friday, March 8, 2019.
Customers can call the Indiana American Water Customer Service Center at 1-800-492-8373 for the latest updates.