And, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens, when a “justice involved person” is released from jail, he or she is to be known as a “formerly incarcerated person” or a “returning resident.”

Matt Haney is a San Francisco supervisor and he told reporters: "We don’t want people to be forever labeled for the worst things that they have done. We want them ultimately to become contributing citizens and referring to them as felons is like a scarlet letter that they can never get away from." 

But, says AMAC president Dan Weber “no matter how you sugar coat it, a felon is a felon and an ex-con is an ex-con. And, while a criminal may, indeed, see the errors of his or her ways, no amount of political correctness will undo their crimes. In fact, authoritative research shows that the majority of Americans are fed up with the notion of political correctness.”

Weber cites a massive study conducted last year by an international organization known as More in Common among 8,000 respondents that found 80% of them believe that political correctness is a problem. 

Reporting on this study, the National Review noted that there is an “exhausted majority” of Americans who are fed up with the politically correct movement. In fact, researchers found that “despite the reputation that millennials get for being too sensitive, 79 percent of respondents under the age of 24 actually reported the same thing. So did 97 percent of devoted conservatives and a full 61 percent of traditional liberals.”

Meanwhile, a more recent study by Rasmussen researchers showed that 68% of Americans believe they need to be careful “not to say something politically incorrect to avoid getting in trouble.” Most of the respondents to this survey said “political correctness is a tool used to silence political and social opponents.”

The AMAC chief says it is noteworthy that the Rasmussen report found that “just 26% of American Adults believe Americans have true freedom of speech today.”

Weber points out that “in the old Soviet Union, the communist culture was built on systematic indoctrination that brainwashed the citizenry into believing that the leftist elites and their apparatchiks who ran the “Evil Empire” had their best interests at heart. The American Revolution, on the other hand, sought to allow the people to become individuals with a collective lust for freedom and justice. If there is a sinister motive behind the PC movement, it will not succeed. Our kids are smarter than that, for the most part. And, the polls show that a growing majority of Americans see the movement for what it is: a concerted and nefarious effort to stifle free speech.”