An income tax update was presented to the INF/BPW-Crawfordsville club at their April meeting. Members Faye Hemphill of Hemphill Tax Preparation and Donna Astin of Astin & Astin Accounting, reviewed recent changes that apply to currently due filings. Hemphill discussed deductions and credits available on the Indiana Income Tax Return and Astin reviewed the anticipated tax overhaul and possible future changes.

President Debra Lovold of Thrifty Supply conduced the business meeting. Birthday honorees were Julie Lovall, Kathy Smith, Betty Munro, Sandi Henderson, and Mary Mills.

Lovold introduced Diana Gould who reported that contributions to the Reality Store® have been received from WCVL, $50; Tri-County Bank & Trust Company, $50; Wal-Mart, $25; and Journal Review, $100. The contributions will be used to purchase inexpensive calculators and to copy sample check book registers for the 8th grade students to use in calculating their simulated family expenses. This is the 20th year for the Reality Store®.

President Lovold conducted the election of officers for next year. Those elected were President Sandi Henderson, President-Elect Becky Hankins, Vice-president Jill Jarvis, Secretary Betty Munro, Treasurer Diana Gould, Education Committee member Darcy Clark Crook, and Audit Committee members Donna Astin and Pat Knauer.

Linda Johnson reported on the Professional Development Program to be held on April 18 at the Crawfordsville District Public Library. This free seminar will be offered to students ages 15-18 and will cover a variety of topics relevant to successful employment.