It will be up to Congress, the newly elected president and a vigilant news media to make the federal government's $700 billion economic bailout work, said Congressman Steve Buyer.

The eight-term Republican incumbent visited the family farm of Mark and Susan Smith in Montgomery County Thursday where he received the endorsement of Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc., for his pro-agriculture representation in Congress.

"We listened to Ackerson and we listened to Buyer and we made our choice," said Mike Beard, president of the Clinton County Farm Bureau who presented the endorsement on behalf of the Farm Bureau offices within the 4th District.

Buyer voted against both the original and revised $700 billion stimulus plan that passed both houses late last month.

"I didn't support it because I believe the government should be the lender of last resort not the lender of first resort," Buyer said.

However, now that the bailout package is the law of the land Buyer said the decisions about how funds are applied to economic recovery going forward must be carefully scrutinized through government as well as media oversight.

"I believe this is a moment that requires the intervention of oversight that demands transparency," Buyer said. "This is that moment. I think the fourth branch of government has to be as aggressive as they have ever been right now."

Turning to job creation, Buyers said Indiana's most pressing need is for workers with the skills necessary for new jobs coming online. With a high school dropout rate of approximately 30 percent, employers are finding it difficult find workers in Indiana who are qualified for the jobs they offer.

"I've hosted eight job fairs that have now offered over 15,000 job opportunities," Buyer said. "The last one we did was this past month in Frankfort...we had 83 businesses and the offered over 2,700 jobs and 800 people came through the door."