The City of Crawfordsville has completed installation and programming of a new traffic signal system for the intersection of Wabash Avenue and Mill Street, Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton announced in a press release Friday.
Barton said the old system was limited to functioning solely on timed cycles and could not adjust during times of heavy traffic, such as instances in which Market Street and Main Street are obstructed by a train.
The new system has the ability to adjust to traffic volume based on sensors in the roadway and features turn arrows that will significantly improve traffic flow. The Crawfordsville Police Department also has the ability to manually operate the new system to further expedite traffic flow during backups.
Barton said this particular intersection has proven problematic in past instances of rerouted traffic because of blocked rail crossings. These upgrades are designed to improve traffic flow at all times but should also have a significant impact during times of heavy traffic.