It’s only fitting that the final week of Challenge 17 is also on the same week that March Madness begins.

For those of us who have been participating in Challenge 17 this week isn’t the start of the madness, but rather the end of it as we have our final weigh-in on Saturday. Ten weeks will have come and gone. It has been fast. It has been hard work and Trainer Tonya was right when she told us the first day that this would be a “Love/Hate” relationship. It has been worth it.

Oh, there have been days just getting out of bed or trying to walk up to my office on the second floor of the City building has been tough because of the workouts the day before. However, those days are fewer and fewer than the first week or two.

Will I ever be one of those people how loves to work out? Probably not, but do I mind working out now? Not really. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to get the gym but once I am there the next hour or two fly by.

It is hard making the right food choices at the grocery store or at a restaurant? Yep, but it is getting easier.

I am told we will get measured this week just like we were the first week and while I know for one I am excited to see how many inches I have lost. I know I am down five notches on my belt and I can now wear some XL shirts instead of 2X and 3X. I also know I have to go buy some new pants soon because all mine I have are way too big, but that’s OK.

While Clay Adams looks to be the person who is going to win the overall competition I think all 16 of us can say we are winners come Saturday. We have stuck it out and believe me that is not easy to do. We all had very busy schedules and the work is hard, but no one quit. We have all become a big happy family and I think we will continue to stay that way even after our competition is over.

Like a few of the other have posted, Saturday is not the end of my journey. In fact I am just about half way. Challenge 17 has equipped me to do the other half on my own, but I am sure If I get stuck and need a little nudge I have 15 friends who I can contact to help show me the way.

And one more thing before I go . . . It’s not too late to help support me in my fundraising efforts. This challenge has helped me get back in shape, but another aspect is to help out those in the community. If you want to help support me just let me know this week and I’ll let you know how.