Well the competition is over, what a quick 10 weeks it was! The winner of The Challenge . . . Barry Lewis, he lost 44 pounds or 13 percent, which is AWESOME!!! It was a close battle between him and Clay Adams and they both need to be commended on a job well done, as do all of the competitors.

This was an awesome experience with an awesome group of people! From day one we were there for each other, making sure no one gave up, always pushing someone to go a little harder or giving an encouraging word, we also had our fair share of making fun of each other as well and that’s what made this so enjoyable and actually like it wasn’t even working out. I knew a couple of the people competing going in but I came away with a friendship with all of them.

Some final thoughts on how I did . . . I wasn’t close to Barry or Clay’s number and in all honesty that is OK. Too many people focus on a number and at first I did also, but by week seven my clothes were fitting different (for the better) and I felt better (which is always good) and the wealth of knowledge that I received from the dietitian from the hospital was great! I now know what I need to look at and what I need to concentrate on, that’s right even though the competition is over I’m still going to go after a goal that I had set for myself at the beginning, with the tools and knowledge that I now have I am positive that I can reach that!

Some final thank you’s are in order as well . . . first off Tim Timmons and The Paper of Montgomery County for putting on a great program, Athena Sports & Fitness for allowing us use of the great facility for the 10 weeks. The staff there is awesome and was always willing to give a word of encouragement. Trainer Tonya . . . to say she is awesome would be an understatement, Tim tried to warn us about her going in but in all reality he should have warned her about all of us! It was always fun going in to work out on Monday and Wednesday and trying to figure out what type of goofy workout she had us doing, from playing cards to duck duck goose it was always an adventure! I could care less if I EVER do another burpee (Thunderstruck) or another stair lap adventure. Tonya had our best interest at heart and knew how to push us to the limit and if you ever get the chance go take her pound class, not as easy as what the videos on line make them out to be (just ask Barry and myself). Thank you Tonya!!

Couple of the competitors that pushed me along the way . . . our team captain Amy . . . you were great and always knew what to say to motivate someone! Karen . . . the endless text messages on what I was doing wrong until I FINALLY started doing it right (EAT MORE CALORIES) and Barry . . . not a day went by during the 10 weeks that Barry and I weren’t texting or talking about how things were going for us and for that I appreciate you Barry!
Finally . . . the people that believed in me and sponsored the cause, I raised $1,330, my goal was $1,000 and with a week to go I was still at $700 and I thought there was no way and then BAM the money flooded in and pushed me over the top and finished first in fundraising for the event. All those that contributed to me need to be recognized . . . 

Brette & Mally Chamness, Cali & Andy Bridges, Sally & Joe Chamness, Todd & Amanda Douglas, Dugan Roche, Lori & Craig Cook, Cheryl & Rob Mcilrath, Jane & Dean Kincaid, Shirley Paddack, Danielle Deener Hann, Connie & Tom Harshbarger, Lynn Cox, Patty & Tom Miller, Tina Walden, Patrick Matlock, Kim & Charlie Taylor, Bev and Ken Eyler, Cassi & Travis Grundy, Matt Walters, Janice & Dub Smith, Jennifer & Jeremy Farrer, Brookanna Walters, Andra & Kevin Storms, Glori & Darrell Borta, Dee Brooks, Tracey & Brian Campbell, Kim & Greg Lanam and Barry Lewis.

Truly an awesome group that donated their hard earned money to support me and to support the great causes at The Paper (online newspaper program for the high schools) and Athena Sports & Fitness (swimming program for youth in our community) So thank you all once again for donating and following this blog for the duration of The Challenge, make sure you keep an eye out for it next year.